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Dovetails - lincmercguy - 03-26-2020

Finally getting back into this project.  I still really like this jig, it was pretty easy for met to get it set back up and get it right the first time.  I wish they still made these, I don't have the 11 degree pin guides.  I should have bought the "C" package when I bought the jig.





RE: Dovetails - SteveS - 03-26-2020

Jigs are a good way to go when you've got a lot of them to make but I didn't like the amount of chip-out I got when using them so doing hand cut is my preference when I've only got a few drawers or boxes to do.

What's the current project?

RE: Dovetails - lincmercguy - 03-26-2020

I have to be really careful on the corners to avoid the chip out. Speeding up the router seems to help. I tried hand cut a few years ago. I cut one a night as practice and was getting pretty decent. I then waited a week and was back to square one. I then bought a jig (and later upgraded).

I'm picking my dresser project back up. I set it aside for about 18 months after my mother passed away and I had to deal with her house and estate.

RE: Dovetails - EdL - 03-26-2020

Lol....currently setting mine up for through dovetails. Only used it once for half blind and the results weren't what I hoped for. Didn't have a tool to center the bushing in the router base.  Upset

Everything is ready to go for tomorrow....


RE: Dovetails - lincmercguy - 03-27-2020

"Didn't have a tool to center the bushing in the router base."

I bought one of their acrylic bases. It came with the centering tool. The acrylic base has a tight tolerance for the bushing, so the centering pin was more to get the base centered on the router.

.....I mean, it will never work, it's terrible. Send me your jig and accessory kit so I can dispose of it properly. Big Grin

RE: Dovetails - EdL - 03-27-2020

The centering was more for the router base too....I was lucky enough to fid the jig used, after production ceased, and from what I can tell all the dovetail guides.

Was going to try box joints at one time, something is missing there, need to find out.