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Next little project? - bandit571 - 05-09-2020

Usually, I tend to follow large projects with a small box or two......and, once I get healed back up..have a stack of 1/4" Pine slats to work with....

Have a few small planes that could use a box to call "Home".....hmmmmmm....stay tuned.. Winkgrin

RE: Next little project? - bandit571 - 05-09-2020

Ok, hobbled to the shop for a bit...trying to keep things moving....on me. 
Set up a zero clearance overlay, on the tablesaw.   Then set the fence for a 1/4" away from the saw blade I had raised all the way up.....2 passes were needed to get a 1/4" thick slice off of a 3/4" thick pine board.    2 more passes, and I had 2@1/4", and 1 @3/16" thick parts.....set the thin stuff aside....the 1/4" stuff... Confused 
Set aside,  some were ripped for width, and some left alone... Rolleyes  
To make the box-shaped cover....managed to get 5 parts set aside.. Winkgrin  
Parts that will match the inside box...like the ends...
And the sides and a plywood bottom... Cool  
Need to heal me up, and set up for the finger joints for the corners.....bottom will just be glued in place.   Then I can build the cover, and get them to fit each other...then on to the next box....figure there is about 14 of these little planes I can box up....might take a while Confused 

Stay tuned...

RE: Next little project? - Arlin Eastman - 05-10-2020


Three posts I commented on yesterday do not show like this one.

Well I will be watching what you make again. Yes

RE: Next little project? - bandit571 - 05-10-2020

Sore knee,  making things a bit hard to do....like going down the stairs to the shop...hand plane to flatten a couple parts..
To make sure the two sides will match up enough I could score a line around them.. Rolleyes
Marking gauge set to the thickness of the ends.   1/8" sash chisel to set the spacings....then make a few cuts.. Winkgrin  
Then, using the same chisel, chop out the waste...
[attachment=26892]Use these fingers to lay out the next set of fingers.....saw chop, until I could do a dry fit (while chopping the other end) 
Made sure the plane will fit. Cool   Got the last corner made....time for the real fun to begin.. Rolleyes  
Glue and a bunch of clamps....box wanted to fold flat on me....diagonal clamp put a stop to that....box's bottom was also glued in place.. Winkgrin 
"I need more clamps!"    trying to get everything clamped up....will let this sit a day.   I did sort out enough slats for the lid..
Should be enough for 2 sides, 2 ends, and a top... Winkgrin

Picked up a Blue Sharpie tonight....will use that to make the label on the end.... Cool

Stay tuned... Winkgrin

RE: Next little project? - bandit571 - 05-11-2020

Clamps are off, sanding done... Winkgrin
Test fitted a few block planes.. Uhoh   
Either too much at one end, or No 
Both ends...finally found one block plane that WILL fit... Rolleyes
Only if I set the cap iron aside, sticks up too far.   Width of the box was fine.
Corners got a round-over, to make things easier when I put the lid over it..
Box got a coat of stain.   Then set about sizing a cover for this box..
Mitre box to cut the ends square.  

Ran  test of pencils as well... Uhoh
Old Yeller beat out the 0.5mm Bic .....was hard to see the Bic markings, as the thin lead kept  snapping off,  spent more time advancing the lead, than using it.   Going back to the tried and true No. 2 Yellow.....

RE: Next little project? - stav - 05-11-2020

If the item to go in the box sticks up too far, then you just make the lid deeper.  Smile

I like the 0.7 mechanical pencil. It is strong enough not to break (too much) and thick enough to see.

RE: Next little project? - bandit571 - 05-12-2020

Have a little blue sharpener, to keep the No. 2 pencils working... Winkgrin   
Decided to change chisels a bit... Rolleyes
1/4" New Haven Edge Tool Co.    Means fewer fingers to chop, less time spent Winkgrin   
Thought I was doing pretty good, nice tight joints....until the dry fit... No
Oooops. Rolleyes   Should be able to sand that out....rest of the corners were done a bit better...so... Winkgrin  
Will clean things up tomorrow, after I get back from the MRI on my knee.   Then trim for height, and add the topper....after it is trimmed to fit....then see about a label? Confused

Stay tuned.... Cool

RE: Next little project? - Bob10 - 05-13-2020

Thanks for the idea I have a stack of 5/16" oak flooring I tore out with no plans up until now.

RE: Next little project? - ron kanter - 05-13-2020

The short box ends could supply two ends for new, longer box sides.
The long (but not long enough) box sides are half completed short ends for another set of boxes.
Lemons, lemonade.

RE: Next little project? - bandit571 - 05-14-2020

Knee, elbow and shoulder turned out to be a little more messed up than first thought....being referred to a "Bone Doctor"   to fix them up..... No