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Topens swing gate opener problem - alsayyed - 05-14-2020

Hello friends. I have purchased swing gate opener made by Topens model 502 through Amazon and have shipped to my country. the installation is easy but you have to try several times in order to get it working properly. My problem with this gate opener as follows
a. Sometimes on gate swing and stop in the middle then I press on the remote control then open and close again and when it close still there a gap not tight when there is a gap I see it shacking or go back and forth 2 inchs . I have wrote to the company and they asked me to play with potentiometer which I did. My question has any body purchased the Topens swing gate opener.
Thank guys

RE: Topens swing gate opener problem - EightFingers - 05-14-2020

My next door neighbor has a swing gate opener, but not from the same manufacturer as yours. He also has problems with it all the time. Lot of people here with those types of openers have problems with them.
The most reliable seem to be the gates that run on rollers that go back and forth. The opener for those is a much simpler design that seems to last better.

RE: Topens swing gate opener problem - NicolaMcLean - 09-12-2021

This is a fairly common problem. You buy all these advertised devices from Amazon at your own risk. It is unlikely that they will be of high quality or simply will not fit your setup because of their low price. You really should turn to professionals when it comes to such serious things. Even if you are confident in your abilities, you can simply do something wrong that will lead you to the wrong operation of the mechanism. When I bought an automatic gate for my house, I used the following services https://everlastgates.com/austin-texas-automatic-gate-repair-installation/ who were professionals. Now I am completely satisfied with their high-quality work.

RE: Topens swing gate opener problem - EightFingers - 09-13-2021

My neighbor had one and had problems for a year. Finally got rid of the problem by selling the house.
People who moved in took the opener off immediately.