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Graduation Chest - Scoony - 06-13-2020

I have been making small boxes for nephews and nieces when they graduate high school. What ever I happen to have on hand gets turned into a box or chest with the design based on the wood I am using. This particular nephew is getting lucky. Biggest graduation chest/box out of the bunch. I happen to have some wide cherry left over from another project. There is one sliding tray.  The dovetails on the base molding are oriented opposite from the case. 

I still need to get some handles for the sides.



RE: Graduation Chest - oakey - 06-13-2020

Verry nice and a lucky nephew

RE: Graduation Chest - WxMan - 06-13-2020

Love it!  Great work.

RE: Graduation Chest - cputnam - 06-13-2020

Very nice piece of work - one lucky nephew! Cool Cool Cool

RE: Graduation Chest - fredhargis - 06-14-2020

That will be a treasured gift, quite nice!

RE: Graduation Chest - 2beast - 09-11-2020

That is stunning!
A gift that will be treasured for a lifetime  Cool

RE: Graduation Chest - brianwelch - 09-11-2020

Very nicely done...Looks like a "mini-me" version of an antique carpenters chest I have at home...

RE: Graduation Chest - wood-chips - 09-11-2020

That's a really nice gift!
If I may ask, how many hours do you have in it?

RE: Graduation Chest - johndi - 09-11-2020

Beautiful job. That’s an heirloom

RE: Graduation Chest - Martin S. - 09-12-2020

Very nice box! He will treasure it and hand it down to his children.