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RE: Antenna grounding? - Scouter - 06-29-2020

(06-29-2020, 07:35 PM)Roly Wrote: Ground rod.  They are sold at the big box stores.  Roly

That's all? Just pound a ground wire in, run an insulated copper wire from the antenna to the pole, all done? Seems simple enough...

RE: Antenna grounding? - chrisntam - 06-29-2020

(06-29-2020, 05:24 PM)Scouter Wrote: Did you ground it to the house electrical ground, or did you install a new grounding just for the antenna?

It was the existing ground rod for the house electrical, I just added onto it.  I ran a bare copper wire from the antenna to the ground rod, I "assume" that is acceptable (not an insulated wire). Those tubes in the background are the incoming electrical to the house (underground service).

When you're pounding the rod into the ground, be sure there is nothing in the way of the ground rod - sprinkler system, low voltage light wires, gas lines, electrical lines, cable/fiber optic lines, etc.

RE: Antenna grounding? - rudedan60 - 07-01-2020

You do want to use the main ground rod for your house. If you do not do this, you have a potential to have different ground levels, which can cause a voltage to occur across them. If more than 1 ground you have to balance them to make them equal to each other. Most antenna ground wire is Aluminum. Also run a ground for the grounding block before it comes into the house. The other thing is to do a few loops in the antenna cable, lightning does not like to go through a Coil of Coax. This also gives you a rain drip loop. Dan