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RE: Staked shop stool - MauleSkinner - 07-04-2020

So here’s the fixture. I planed chamfers on the edge of a couple of pieces of 1 x something (don’t know...leftover offcuts) and screwed them to a piece of plywood, which is then clamped into my wagon vise.

The holdfast does pretty well...I used a thicker piece of wood, thinking that the notch would help with round stock, but it does quite well as you see here...it still holds pressure while I rotate the stock.

Thanks for looking!

RE: Staked shop stool - MauleSkinner - 07-04-2020

Here’s the final status for the day...legs fitted & cut to length. I still need to chamfer the seat bottom and make stretchers. I’ll probably scoop out the seat as well.

The front of the stool is about 8 1/4 inches below the bench top and the back is about 3/4 inch higher. Seems like a pretty good height & angle so far, and a lot more stable than the first attempt. Smile

Thanks for looking.