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Found during a Walk-about - bandit571 - 06-27-2020

3 blocks, each way....$9.65 spent....Did NOT fall flat on my sidewalk this time....
The bits seem easy enough to ID...
Top one is a Russel Jennings #9
Bottom one is a James Swan #5-1/2 ( 3/8")

The third one was attached to a strange $7 drill ( used to be $10 just for the drill) Confused 
Looks a bit like an Irwin made #6

Cleaned things up...
And got the wing nut loosened enough to get it cleaned up...No markings were found...not sure who made the brace.

2 piece chuck, wingnut tightens on a "stove bolt"....has a 10" sweep.

Might be worth the $7....

RE: Found during a Walk-about - hbmcc - 06-27-2020

Cool! Tools seem to jump out of the woodwork, basement, and garage for you. Our garage sales are always clothes, clothes, clothes, and ... broken plastic baby junk. Crazy

RE: Found during a Walk-about - Bill_Houghton - 06-28-2020

Neat brace design.  Obviously a bargain tool, but a nice one.  Kind of a variation on a Spofford chuck.

I hardly ever find auger bits that clean. Most of mine have a lot of patina - what some people call "rust."

RE: Found during a Walk-about - bandit571 - 06-28-2020

Bits were cleaned up, once I got them home. 
The before...
Details of the chuck?
Has a few marks from a vise.   I removed the wingnut, to clean up it and the threads on the bolt..
Inside of the chuck....handles have washers,
Then a "crimp" to keep them in place
Thinking they slid a washer, a knob, and another washer on..made the crimp, slid everything out to the end..
Then crimped things into place....couple of drops of 3in1 oil made things move a bit better....no squeaks...
Seems they also made a way to keep the chuck in place....press fit?

There was a red handle brace, with an improved Barber chuck sitting on a shelf with this drill....another shop had an eggbeater style drill....hollow handle, with a tight, no cracks cap...

Next pay day, I might go back downtown...and see what is there...

RE: Found during a Walk-about - bandit571 - 07-01-2020

Was too warm outside for a second walk....so a drive-about ( with the A/C) was done..

Didn't need another Yankee #130....without a spring....but, on the shelf below it.... Confused
Was a decent looking egg beater drill

Got it home, for $10 + Tax.....the chuck was missing a jaw, and all the springs...
Thought I could replace the chuck, with one that had all of it's parts...knob on top had good threads..
Just no drill bits inside....Drill needed an "oil-change" as the old oil was long gone....Cleaned the flaky paint off, replaced with new..
And the "front"....
Crank handle was cleaned up, crank handle knob was loosened up until it would turn.   Stamped into the handle..
Red Head MFG Co.
New York
No. 110  USA

Not too bad of a morning... Winkgrin

RE: Found during a Walk-about - bandit571 - 07-03-2020

I think I'll be on Vacation for at least another week.   May take some time to sharpen the dull items, clean a few things up....maybe do a bit of Rust Hunting..next Pay Day.   Need a break for a bit.    Lost track of how many Projects were done, this year......

may look into HOW a coping saw can speed up chopping these... Rolleyes
Instead of just chopping with a chisel....Working on spacings, so the Stanley #45 made grooves will stay hidden
Grooved for the drawer's bottom panel.....