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Kudos to DeWalt - wjt - 06-29-2020

A friend of mine - an avid scrollsawer - sent in his DeWalt 788 for a rebuild to the Kansas City DeWalt Service Center. He got a call a few days later and was told they would not be able to complete the repairs in a timely fashion.

Instead they offered to send him a brand new unit for the same price they had quoted for the rebuild.

He received the new saw today. DeWalt even paid the shipping charges.


RE: Kudos to DeWalt - EdL - 06-29-2020


The one time I dealt with a DeWalt service center it was painless.


RE: Kudos to DeWalt - stav - 06-30-2020

(06-29-2020, 08:51 PM)EdL Wrote: Cool

The one time I dealt with a DeWalt service center it was painless.


I had a hammer drill I bought off the return shelf at HD once and the chuck wouldn't stay tight for very long.  Took it in to see what could be done and they did a warranty repair even though it was off the return shelf.

RE: Kudos to DeWalt - fixtureman - 06-30-2020

When I was contracting out to Revco and CVS I had mostly DeWalt tools many were reconditioned.  They told me that they were actually better then new as every part was tested and if it wasn't up to standard they replaced it.  they said that maybe 1 in 1000 would be tested coming off the line.  the other trades would say it looks like you are a DeWalt store when my partner and I came into the stores each with 5 Dewalt drills, 2 miter saws, 2 circular saws, 2 saber saws and other DeWalt tools.  At that time Dewalt had a program where they would loan you a tool when yours went in to be repaired.

RE: Kudos to DeWalt - dg152 - 06-30-2020

Yellow has been a favorite of mine since the mid 90s when I bought my first 18 volt nicad drill kit. That puppy lasted about 20 years before the battery gave up the ghost. It's been fun converting most of my corded power tools to their 20 volt system. About the only thing I don't have yet that I want is the 20 volt hand router. It'll come soon enough.