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Ridgid ROS - RichK - 06-30-2020

I have a reconditioned Ridgid 6" random orbital sander (model R2611). Worked great for years. Suddenly started shuddering and doesn't reach full power. No obvious damage. Any ideas?

RE: Ridgid ROS - Stwood_ - 06-30-2020

Check the shaft bearing where the pad bolts on. May be kapute.

RE: Ridgid ROS - RichK - 07-03-2020

Finally got to take the sander apart. The shift and bearings look OK. I'm stumped.

RE: Ridgid ROS - GeeDub - 07-05-2020

That sander has an LSA. I'm not sure now that you've taken it apart. In my experience with smaller tools, if you registered it properly they will just give you a new one. Even on my spindle/belt sander, when it developed a shudder, they kept the housing and shoved a new sander under it as the repair.

RE: Ridgid ROS - Cabinet Monkey - 08-09-2020

bypass the speed controller and see if that's the problem.