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RE: Quick 220 Tool Electrical Q - Murray M - 07-12-2020

(07-10-2020, 12:08 AM)Don_M Wrote: That sounds like a 20A, 220 (240) vac plug. I assume you have the appropriate receptacle for this?

20 amp 240 bridged

RE: Quick 220 Tool Electrical Q - Murray M - 07-12-2020

(07-10-2020, 06:55 AM)TDKPE Wrote: Please do check, with a voltmeter, between the two straight blades.  And in the panel there should be a 2-pole breaker with handle tie, or (like Square D QO series), a 2-pole that fills two slots but has a single toggle lever that off-center.

Here's a NEMA straight blade chart.  The receptacle should have a tee-shaped slot and a straight slot, plus ground (NEMA 6-20R), and will accept a 6-15 plug as well as the 6-20 plug you have.  The plug is as you described, but be aware that the 125V version looks like it but is a mirror image (won't plug into a 250V receptacle, and vice-versa).  Just make sure you have the right one (should be marked "250V")

Just to repeat what's already been repeated, both conductors are hot, so it doesn't matter which lugs they go on, as long as it's not the green/ground lug.

Thanks so much for getting my back!

Yes: 2 pole 20amp breaker and handle.

: )