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Granite Top Table Saws - Teak - 07-10-2020

So 10 odd years back Steel City Toolworks (RIP) was selling table saws with granite tops. Back then it lead to a lot of heated discussion on the pros and cons plus the longevity of the admittedly out of the box thinking.

Not sure why but out of the blue today, I thought of those saws. So does anyone here still have one of those granite table saws? If yes what has your experience been like? Did the granite top chip (was a big concern on boards back then) and did they live up to the hype of dampening vibration and lower maintenance (no rust) as claimed by the manufacturers of the yore?

RE: Granite Top Table Saws - goredsus - 07-10-2020

I no longer have mine but I had one for five or six years. Never had an issue with chipping and no rust issues in a basement shop. I had to work to keep the replacement saw free of rust. Only issue I ever had was with a starter capacitor that was replaced under warranty. I know you asked for current owners but thought I could still give you feedback on the saw

Overall, I liked it.

RE: Granite Top Table Saws - OBG53 - 07-10-2020

I had the Craftsman version of it. Never had an issue with the tables in any way with rust, vibration, or chipping, but you had to be careful and not chip it by one's own carelessness. I used VM&P Naptha to clean the tops. When the saw went south on me, and there were no parts available since SC had gone under, I tossed the saw and kept the tables as flat surfaces for sanding and whatever.

RE: Granite Top Table Saws - stav - 07-10-2020

Never had one of my own but I saw a Craftsman version on Craigslist recently.  Asking $500 for a well apportioned saw.

RE: Granite Top Table Saws - Handplanesandmore - 07-10-2020

An acquaintance of mine liked his for its vibration reduced machine. The only complaint he had was the non-metal top that prevented him from using any magswitches that became popular. I think he later switched back to a cast iron saw for one reason or another.


RE: Granite Top Table Saws - Teak - 07-11-2020

Thank you all for your replies and satisfying my curiosity as to how these saws turned out. A cast iron table top allows one to use magnetic featherboards which one loses on a granite top so I was skeptical when these saws first came out. However, overall it seems that they more or less lived up to the billing of lower maintenance (no rust) and vibration reduction. Thanks again.  Cool

RE: Granite Top Table Saws - jstraw - 07-12-2020

My brother picked up a used cabinet saw version a few years ago in a group purchase of an entire shop. He bought a house with a large shop and had very few tools, so it worked out for him.

The top is still in good shape. The magnetic issue is his one complaint. My only complaint was how much heavier that saw is vs my old unisaw, when I helped him move into his new shop.

RE: Granite Top Table Saws - kdouglaslee - 07-12-2020

(07-12-2020, 02:51 AM)jstraw Wrote:  The magnetic issue is his one complaint.  
As much as I love my magnetic featherboard, I'd gladly give it up in exchange for a permanently rust-free surface.

RE: Granite Top Table Saws - Bibliophile 13 - 07-13-2020

Not a table saw, but I have a Steel City bandsaw with a granite top. It does add considerable weight to the saw, which is a good thing. It's in a pretty damp environment, so non-rustable parts is a good thing. I can clamp fences and such to it without a problem, and I was able to add a fold-down outfeed table by attaching it to the steel rail on one side of the table. I'm always a little worried that it will crack under pressure some day, but even if it does I'll just epoxy it back together and keep working.

RE: Granite Top Table Saws - Cooler - 07-17-2020

I love my magnetic featherboard.  for that reason alone I would stick with cast iron.