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Credentials - GeeDub - 07-16-2020

It is a real crap shoot getting logged on here.  After my most recent failure to log on I was able to once again a few days later.  Same credentials, nothing has changed.  I know, I know, I listened to 'users' tell me that for nearly 40 years.

I log in successfully and try to change my password only to be told that the password I just used to login is not correct.  I will stay logged in for months and then one day not be logged in.  I will have to try and try again for a few days and suddenly the credentials are accepted.  

Today I could log in on Edge but, not Firefox on the same machine.  Cleared everything on both browsers and still succeeded on Edge but, not FF.  I am making this post from Edge which is not preferred ;-)  FF attempts are currently exceeded.  I imagine it will eventually work in a day or two as it has historically.  It just seems silly that this should be a situation that has occurred a few times a year ever since I joined

RE: Credentials - barnowl - 07-16-2020

PM sent.