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Stripper? VM - goaliedad - 07-17-2020

Wife picked up some older end tables- coffee table and such. Decent shape but finish needs some love
The tops have what looks like leather. These are factory built pieces, most likely from the 30’ or 40’s. Guessing anyway 

I have used Fromby’s in the past and was happy with it. 

What are some good choices today?

RE: Stripper? VM - Phil Thien - 07-17-2020

I used some of that finish renewer stuff on my last project and was sort of stunned at how well it works. It softens the film and swishes it around.

No good if the finish is trashed.

RE: Stripper? VM - jteneyck - 07-17-2020

I used to use KleanStrip Premium.  It would take off most any finish fast and easily.  Unfortunately, it's no longer available do to the outlawing of methylene chloride for use in paint strippers.  I have nothing to suggest, sorry, but I'm all ears if someone has found a new product that works well.  


RE: Stripper? VM - jppierson - 07-18-2020

My experience with the leather topped stuff is that the leather has coats of wax and shellac. Trying cleaning off the wax then test the finish with some DNA.

RE: Stripper? VM - Cooler - 07-20-2020

Can you try French polish first?   It can restore old shellac finishes fairly well.