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Replacing plantation shutter frames - greatscott - 07-30-2020

Looking to change up the look of our trim in our house and the current frame/trim on our plantation shutter clashes with the look we are wanting to achieve (we're going for a craftsman trim and we have some sort of decorative trim on the frame currently).  I've reached out to a few shutter companies but they are not interested in just selling me just frames and I would make my own frames except the current shutter material is not wood (I'm guessing it's some sort of poly).  Any ideas on where I can purchase sticks of polywood shutter frame material?  I don't know if polywood is the right material - just whatever composite the shutters are made out of now-a-days.  I'll take any and all ideas at this point.

RE: Replacing plantation shutter frames - Snipe Hunter - 07-31-2020

Pics of what you have and what you want would help. Since they're plastic anyway, just replacing them with new plastic shutters would be cheaper and easier. Some are paintable, some aren't.

But Vinyl Board is available at any home improvement store but you'll have to make your own parts. It's messy, have a dust collector working.

RE: Replacing plantation shutter frames - K. L. McReynolds - 08-01-2020

The composite lumber and the vinyl type sold at HD/etc. machines like wood and does not impact saw blades or router bits badly with some care.  I've made trim on the job site using a TS and router(hand held) with excellent results. The only gotcha is the chips/etc. have to be swept or vacuumed away.

Have not tried surfacing that stuff with a planer, but a jointer should be fine.

RE: Replacing plantation shutter frames - Gary G™ - 08-02-2020

You might look at PVC brick mold at the big box—it’s easy to cut and mill.

RE: Replacing plantation shutter frames - greatscott - 08-02-2020

Thank you for all the suggestions.  I will go check the pvc options over at HD.  Not sure why I didn't think of that in the first place!