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Taylor Tools - briman87 - 08-13-2020

I’m wondering if anyone has ordered from Taylor Tools if so what was the quality like?

RE: Taylor Tools - Alan S - 08-13-2020

I have ordered from Tay tools, and the order was prompt and accurate. The tools I got were high quality, but were not the Tay brand.

RE: Taylor Tools - Darknight - 08-14-2020

I've bought 2 table saw blades from them, the CMT 24T rip and 80T crosscut .  Both are full kerf and cut very fast. The 80T results are very clean on plywood and cross grain with little to no tearout.  

The rip blade cuts all wood very fast, but I did notice it leaves blade marks on my piece (not burn marks, just blade swirls). I've tried every saw adjustment I could think of that might help with no luck. Luckily I have a jointer and one quick pass takes this away. It's a small gripe. Big Grin 

I also bought one of their 4" double squares that were on the blemish sale page.  They are very nice for the price (all aluminum and not as heavy as the Starrett) but mine is a bit out of square. I don't plan to use this much to check square... I bought this more for layout and the 4" size is much easier to use in this task.  One day I'll take the time to bring it to a true 90. Since this was a blem, I half expected it to be out of square just a touch.

All in all, with those minor defects, I have no problem with Taylor. Delivery was fast and the items were well packed and arrived safe and undamaged.

RE: Taylor Tools - Rob Young - 08-14-2020

(08-13-2020, 08:55 PM)briman87 Wrote: I’m wondering if anyone has ordered from Taylor Tools if so what was the quality like?

Seen and handled one of the wheel style marking gauges they sell that is a clone of the Tite-Mark. Clunky and poor machining.

Seen and handled the PEC seconds/blemish squares and rulers they sell. Other than a few defects (or else they wouldn't be seconds or blemished) they are the usual PEC quality. Better than the plastic squares from the big-box store, worse than new and vintage Starretts. Perfectly good for woodworking tasks.

Seen and handled some of their little leather pouches for cardscrapers. Seem find and price at last check was reasonable.

RE: Taylor Tools - Plistumi - 02-22-2021

I have ordered from them a few times. I am happy with their service and plan to order from them again.

RE: Taylor Tools - Willyou - 02-22-2021

I have also ordered the blem PEC squares from them. Good service and I would order from them again. Regarding the PEC squares, I can't find any blemishes or defects. I'm sure they must be there somewhere, but I really don't care. They are very good quality for my money.

RE: Taylor Tools - paulWoodworker - 02-23-2021

I've ordered about a dozen things from them.
Their "Blemish" stuff is great.
I've also gotten miscellaneous things like threaded inserts from them. they were fine.
I bought a small ruler, their "taylor tools" brand. Obviously, it was less expensive, so not
quite as good as the blemish rulers, but a very good value.
I think that's the key to keep in mind. Their house brand is fine for most people.
Is it absolute top of the line? No, but it wasn't designed to be. It's a value line.