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Jesse guide o-rings - jussi - 09-07-2020

I seemed to have deformed the o-rings on my Jessem clear cut stock guides. I can order a replacement set from Jessel but shipping is kinda high and was wondering if I can just buy them elsewhere. I believe they’re polyurethane o-rings 3/16 thick and around 1.17 ID.

RE: Jesse guide o-rings - shoottmx - 09-08-2020

Find a hydraulic repair shop nearby. Take an o-ring along, they should be able to match it.


RE: Jesse guide o-rings - Handplanesandmore - 09-08-2020


Failing that, try Google.


RE: Jesse guide o-rings - Bill Holt - 09-08-2020

A near by ACE Hardware store has a huge o ring display; I just walk up and pick the ones I need.  Maybe you can be that lucky.