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kodiak sharpening system - joezjr - 10-31-2020

any one use it and do you like it

RE: kodiak sharpening system - Wildwood - 11-01-2020

Better to watch the video before deciding if this system what you need.

RE: kodiak sharpening system - Wipedout - 11-01-2020

(10-31-2020, 06:06 PM)joezjr Wrote: any one use it and do you like it

Yes and yes 

I have it, the wolverine and the sorby ... I use all three but the Wolverine is fast and easy to use

As with the wolverine you are somewhat limited to the shapes it is designed to sharpen - which is fine 

I can tell you Ken is great to deal with 

If you have specific questions let me know

The videos are a good place to get an idea of how they work