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Something to build, for Christmas - bandit571 - 11-03-2020

Seems the family Christmas Exchange is upon us.....and I want to build a Blanket/Hope Chest for the one on my list.....

Research:  just finished watching a Norm Abram version being made....Season 1, Episode 4,  Blanket Chest.......and thinking HOW would I build it in MY shop....

have a stash of 3/4" x 6" Ash planks in the house, now.. Cool  
About 25 bft of Quarter sawn Ash.. Cool
might be enough...if not, I know where a bit more is.....Paid $20 for this stack...shortest ones are 3' long....

So...might start with some pieces for the corners, then see about the rest of the side frames....need to glue up a few panels, too....

Stay tuned.. Winkgrin

RE: Something to build, for Christmas - hbmcc - 11-03-2020

(11-03-2020, 12:19 PM)bandit571 Wrote: have a stash of 3/4" x 6" Ash planks in the house, now.. Cool  

About 25 bft of Quarter sawn Ash.. Cool


Jeeze! The prices you pay for wood! Do you carry and wave around guns when you go shopping?

RE: Something to build, for Christmas - bandit571 - 11-03-2020

NOW you know WHY I am called ....Bandit...

RE: Something to build, for Christmas - bandit571 - 11-03-2020

hauled 2 planks to the shop = 6 bft.   set out some tools... Winkgrin  
Wasn't "up" for the handsaw routine....rough cut on the tablesaw....to about a strong 23" length...then set up the rip fence..
between the the cutting and ripping, had to avoid a couple spots..
Hmmm, may get a few rails out of that spot...the other?
i think I have a way to deal with the one on the left...the one on the right will be firewood...
Ripped to 2-5/8" width.....8 blanks for legs/corners, and 4 rail blanks for the two ends of the chest....will need another plank for the front and back rails..
there's that knot, again...we have ways.....foot details:  4" from an end starts the foot.   It curves around and then down, leaving a 1" wide foot...the waste just happens to be...
Enough to remove that knot...use this as a pattern for the other 7 blanks...bandsaw even behaved, this time.. Rolleyes
Ok...Abram used a Tongue & Groove joint to connect the corners....i tried the Stanley 45 Tongue cutter.....it didn't like working in Ash....Ash didn't care for the cutter...wound up ripping that mess off.. Upset ..then use the tablesaw to make a T&G joint... Rolleyes
Raised panels will need grooves to house them...stiles being the legs, and then rails to connect the stiles...
same with the stiles....a clamp sits IN the tool well, and holds the part to the side of the bench....as long as the fence clears the clamp, works fine.  

Was getting a bit tired and sore...stacked the parts I had milled on the bench.. Winkgrin
Swept the floors, and called it a day....I think that will do, for the first day Confused 

Stay tuned Winkgrin

RE: Something to build, for Christmas - bandit571 - 11-05-2020

Day #2 Confused   Was another busy day... Winkgrin Ah...that helps..I can see better once I clean me glasses off Rolleyes 

This may take a couple posts...25 photos worth Cool 
Ok..hauled a third plank to the shop...needed 4 long rails, and 2 dividers milled..cross cuts made..
So far, so good, then some rip cuts...needed that set at 2-5/8"wide...first cuts weren't too bad..
Second one had issues.. Uhoh 
Figured I could square off the other end, then cut at the red line...then cut the other three rails to match..
The 2 dividers just needed the ends squared up...will have to work around the knot...

Ok, decided to craft some tenons...had to adjust the saw blade for the right height...took a few tries.. Rolleyes
You can barely make out that skinny section on one end.    Got these 4 done, to where they fit in the grooves,,,then the dividers were next..
And, finally the 4 rails..
Rest of the parts were kept stacked up over on the tablesaw....so I can keep track of them Rolleyes 

Cleared the top of the bench, and set up to make more grooves....need the "Bench Clamp"..
And, since a few edges were a bit...rough Uhoh ....
I used the Craftsman Jack plane to smooth things out....and get ready to plough a few grooves

Stay tuned

RE: Something to build, for Christmas - bandit571 - 11-05-2020

Feeling "Groovy"?   Winkgrin  This keeps up, I may have to buy a new candle to keep the Stanley 45 sliding along... Winkgrin
Got the 4 rails done first...just a single 1/4" x 1/4" groove , then stack them up, out of the way..
Which left the 2 dividers...that needed 2 grooves milled.. Rolleyes
And there is that knot again,, Upset Got the dividers done, in spite of that knot....had to stop, go get a Diet Mountain Dew, remember to turn the shop fan ON...and move all the crunchy shavings over to the trash scooper...and set up for mortises... Cool
one of only a few jigs I actually keep around...Allows me th lay out and chop a mortise, and even acts as a third hand,,,Visegrips to hold a part in place.. Cool  
But, in order to lay out where to chop...I needed a tenon..a special one.. Rolleyes
Meet the haunched tenon....the stubby part ( the Haunch) is to fill in the grooves, what is left IS a tenon....that I need to lay out a mortise for...one more issue Rolleyes  tenons are a hair too fat...so..we thin them down a bit..
BTW:   I also used this plane to dress up the grooves a bit, as they were a bit raggy along the cut..
Top mortise was the easy one...just all the haunch it's space, and dig a 1/4" deep hole in the groove, and a test fit..
6mm Narex Mortise chisel to chop things out...then the bottom mortise...had some other things going on there..

Stay tuned.. Winkgrin

RE: Something to build, for Christmas - bandit571 - 11-05-2020

Ok...mortise for the bottom rail....as the bottom rail does not go all the way to the bottom of the groove...leaving a 1" of groove with nothing in it...can't have that Rolleyes  So...
I mark where the rail stops at, make a saw cut across the groove...a wide chisel to pare off the waste...and we have a "step"..

Hmmm, leave it a square step..or round it a bit, and in which direction will the curve go....? Confused  just a small detail...

Legs are all mortised, and a dry fit attempted..
Was I done with this frame....nope...rails get a divider in the center...which I had to find....11-1/2" bare...lay out the mortise, chop that mortise...repeat for the other end of the divider..and then dry fit the 3 parts.. Uhoh
Then assemble the entire frame, to see IF they all fit nicely together.... Winkgrin  
Was getting a bit tired and sore...
Sharp, square corners in Ash, do NOT give any....fingers do, and then finger leaks...swept the floor...clamped the frame up, so I can set the entire mess out of the way..
End of the day's story?  Nope....get sent on Laundry Detail....so, each trip meant a little more shop time, since I WAS in the area Rolleyes 
Two mortises were down after the washer was started,,,,washer was finished, another trip to the shop...4 more mortises were done, with the dryer being loaded up, and sent on it merry way....which left..
Frame #2 sitting on the bench, doing a dry fit.....dryer was done, came back down, empty the dryer, take some measurements for the size of panels I'll need to glue up...then haul the hamper up the stairs....and close up for the day...

day started about 11:00 am....main part was done at 2:35pm....then all those trips for the Laundry...was a LONG, busy day Rolleyes

Stay tuned...still have Day 3 ..later today... Cool

RE: Something to build, for Christmas - bandit571 - 11-06-2020

Day #3.....Boss needed to go shopping....by the time THAT was done, I needed a nap.....by the time I was able to head to the shop...it was 1745hrs ( 5:45pm for you civilians)

hauled a plank down the steps...being that is the same "height" as me...we both had to DUCK!  near the bottom step ( tain't called a header for nothing...)and laid the plank on the saw..
The plan for this board was to make a couple panels....Panels needed to be 3/4" x 10-3/4" x 12-3/8" tall....The 10-3/4" was the easy part, just cut the plank into six parts, about 11" strong...
Then I'd rip along one edge...keeping the best edge against the rip fence..
hmm, a bit tapered?   Hmmm, thinking cap time....right now, these 6 blanks are 5-3/4" wide...and I need a panel 12-3/8"?  Well, I could reset the fence to 3-1/2" wide..
Which left these 6 skinny parts...
Roughly 1-3/4" wide....one more pass to get rid of the rough parts....then try a little lay out...
And arrange for the best grain match...
Might as well do the glue up....used a couple of dowels under the panel-to-be..
Add a few beads of glue, moosh that around, re-align the ends, add a few clamps..
Two on the ends first, keeping the ends aligned...turn over,and add a middle clamp from the other side....and set the panel aside..

Repeat the sorting out, glue spreading, clamping up for Panel #2..then set it over beside Panel #1....
And let these two sit overnight....was I done for the night?

Nope..stay tuned.. Winkgrin

RE: Something to build, for Christmas - bandit571 - 11-06-2020

Ok..setting in front of those 2 panel glue ups are now both of the frames...front and back...which leaves the end frames to do... Cool 
Need to mark which face is the inside...save brain cramps....I also added a second curve...need to go back a repeat on the other legs...and sand the burn marks (  could put a new blade in the bandsaw?  maybe?)
I was getting better with the fit of that haunch detail. though.. Cool  
No gaps...turn this leg end for end, and work at the top of the leg...
then take thing apart, and work on the other leg of this frame...

Then set this over with the rest...didn't even need a clamp to hold it together...amazing Rolleyes 

then started on the last frame...chisel and I were having "issues"   so...I got this corner done..
And just decided 2 hours was long enough, for today...and closed up...and NO Laundry Detail tonight, either Winkgrin 

stay tuned..tomorrow may get a little more done? Rolleyes

RE: Something to build, for Christmas - bandit571 - 11-06-2020

Errands to run this morning....might finally get to the shop this afternoonish?   Issues with the 6mm Mortise chisel if trying to work in a 1/4" wide groove....may need to dig out the actual 1/4 wide chisel..... Confused

need to get the last frame assembled...and then work on some panels....want to raise at least 2 today....so I can glue up at least the front of the chest.... Rolleyes