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RE: source for wood filler? - Robert1011 - 02-15-2021

Hi there, I bought it from here: https://www.woodentips.com/wood-filler/

RE: source for wood filler? - Cooler - 02-24-2021

I use Parks' Grain Filler.  It was designed to fill the pores in open-pore wood floors.  It applies easier than joint compound, sands easier and dries faster.  It is available in various tints.  I only use it to fill nail holes.  I don't know how thick you can apply it. 

I have a can of this for 3 or 4 years and it is still good.  Find it at Home Depot.

[Image: red-oak-rust-oleum-parks-patching-repair...4_1000.jpg]

RE: source for wood filler? - Stwood_ - 02-24-2021

(12-03-2020, 10:58 AM)Howard Pollack Wrote: I use a paste made of fine sawdust and whatever finish I'm going to use on the piece.  Works well and I know it will be perfectly compatible with the ultimate finish.


(12-05-2020, 12:28 AM)Kansas City Fireslayer Wrote: Anyone still use fine sawdust power mixed with shellac or sanding sealer?  That’s my first choice for small holes and cracks.

Yes. See above