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RE: Help needed finding a few cedar roofing shingles - Yotie - 12-04-2020

We just re-roofed part of our 120 yr of roof with cedar shingles. I have a few I could send you ... message me if you haven’t found any

RE: Help needed finding a few cedar roofing shingles - Just_Dave - 12-05-2020

Thinking outside of the box and assumptions Raised   It is not that i can’t think outside of the box, actually I do it quite often.  But sometimes I get into a box that is so big I have no idea that I’m in it  Crazy 
When it comes to things that my father had built I know better than to make assumptions however once I am in that box the assumptions remain.
With Tim’s offer to send me the few shingles I might need the first thing I needed to do is get the length.  I finally got out to the shop this afternoon.  The old one has been sitting outside in the weather and when I went to pick it up to measure it it kind of fell apart.  As I was pressing it back together I started realizing that the roof was not made from singles.  I started measuring it and looking at how dad had constructed it and realized that Robert and WxMan must have seen it in the picture and were just being nice by suggesting that I might consider using a board  Sigh  
Which brings us full circle to assumptions and thinking outside of the box.  I assumed that dad had used shingles and once in that box I saw no reason to look outside  Rolleyes 

Thanks to everyone that responded and offered up ideas.  FYI for those that recommended Lowe’s or Home Depot  In Spokane they are not a stock item and I can only order them by the bundle (okay that is partially an assumption based on their website when I searched for them).  But something tells me neither one will sell them by the each given it is a non stock item........

I went out to one of the local lumber yards today and got a rough sawn 1 x 6 cedar board.   When I get it finished I will post a picture in a new thread.