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1st Rust Hunt of the year, for me.. - bandit571 - 01-12-2021

Had a $100 budget, full tank of gas, sun was coming out of the clouds....Road Trip! Big Grin  Just east of Springfield, OH is a small town called Harmony, OH....corner of US 40 and I-70...there is a LARGE building(S) called Heart of Ohio Antique Center.....be prepared to walk...a LOT....I spent over 2 hours "shopping"......even got "lost" a couple times...thought I was in Room 5, when I was in Room 8.....and the rooms are all inter-connected ....

1st item I picked, for $15...
4" x 26", 12 ppi ( and very SHARP) miter box saw....was sold at Simpsons-Sears in Toronto, CAN....next?
Well, they have people working the floors, even have a ring of keys to open the glass showcases....they also will hand you a tab with a number..and carry your "picks" up front to the checkouts....so you can continue to shop without having to carry items around.. Cool ...so, walked around for a bit, until these two wanted picked up.. Rolleyes
Big screwdriver is a North Bros/Stanley No. 130A ( and that spring works very good, too)  shorty is a Goodell Pratt Co. No. 185 ( drill gauge around the cap shows what size bits are in the handle)   Drill did have 7 bits stowed onboard....about $30 for the pair....( about tripped over a Stanley No. 7, laying on the carpeted floor in front of a display shelf...at $125, was beyond my budget..had one in my plane til, anyway)

Again...sales lady came by, and took these two items up front ( I think it was "up" front..) Rolleyes  More walking...getting a good cardio going here Winkgrin came upon this little fella...
6" ruler for scale...stamped for The S. Starrett Co.  of Athol, MASS. USA....$4?
Sir Oliver might just have the right idea?   Not too bad of a day?

Walked around a bit more...found another little guy..
Blade is Blued steel, and has the clipped corner Stanley box logo,,,and a SW right below the box....seems to be Walnut....lever lock is steel..."little guy"?
Well sit it beside a normal sized gauge..hmmm
Family Portrait.   Walked up front ( Stanley No. 4-1/2, type ?....$225?)  and paid for my five items....counting sales tax....$68.....then drove from here across Springfield, to the west side strip malls..and into harbor freight.....a pair of 6" F style clamps, a 6" wire wheel, and a 5-pack..
Total there?  $14.98, counting tax.   from there, the 40 mile road trip back home....once things were safely in the house...time for only one thing left to do..

RE: 1st Rust Hunt of the year, for me.. - stav - 01-12-2021

Good haul for one day.  Did you bring the cat home too?

RE: 1st Rust Hunt of the year, for me.. - bandit571 - 01-12-2021

(01-12-2021, 01:55 PM)stav Wrote: Good haul for one day.  Did you bring the cat home too?

Nah...he was already there....and, he takes his naps seriously .... Winkgrin

RE: 1st Rust Hunt of the year, for me.. - iclark - 01-13-2021

The suckage seems strong with this one. Yes Winkgrin

RE: 1st Rust Hunt of the year, for me.. - Bill_Houghton - 01-13-2021

(01-12-2021, 02:01 PM)bandit571 Wrote: ...and, he takes his naps seriously .... Winkgrin
Of course he does.  That's a full-time occupation for many cats.  They hold conferences with workshops on napping technique - well, they did until the COVID shutdown.  Attempts to do Zoom conferences have failed because the humans the cats live with think the cats are just foolin' around when they stomp around on the keyboard, trying to log in.

RE: 1st Rust Hunt of the year, for me.. - stav - 01-13-2021

My dog is a pretty good napper too.  She gets up in the morning to see about food and then heads back to sleep. Then food at lunch and sleep, food at dinner and then a nap before bed.

RE: 1st Rust Hunt of the year, for me.. - clovishound - 01-13-2021

I'm looking for a spokeshave, and decided to go look at a local antique store. It is actually a consignment store that handles mostly antiques. I didn't see that many old tools, but I did find a spokeshave. It was a wooden one with a cast inset on the bottom that was some sort of guide. It was strange. It must have had either two blades, or a split blade. Of course, there was no blade or wedge in it. Not exactly what I was looking for, and not sure what it was used for.

Found a really nice Millers Falls egg beater drill for $18. Would have gone home with me if I needed one.

RE: 1st Rust Hunt of the year, for me.. - bandit571 - 01-13-2021

Rust Hunt continued today....There is an Antique Mall about 3 blocks from my house....haven't gone up on the second floor in a year or two....I'm in TROUBLE! Winkgrin 

Apparently, there has been a dealer in tools up there for about a year, now.....checked it out today....passed on a Winchester No. 6c..and it's little brother the No. 4...$145 for the pair...ouch...turned my back on those two...and saw three selves stuffed with hand planes...and lots of other shelves filled with other tools...
$40 for a KK 4?
Excuse me..a No. 4 c....
Iron even has the Keen Kutter logo....E.C. Simmons...along with the front end..
A little chewed on...but fixable...Didn't need another jack plane, or a Handyman plane...looked at the drills for a bit..
Logo on the crank says it is a Millers Falls No. 77....and....
They had enclosed the gears....hmmm...$4?  Ok...

Laundry Detail tonight....worked on the iron from the plane....had a few curves to it....like a country road....have now removed those curved sections...now nice and flat...bevel has been sharpened to 2000 grit..so far...back is flat and pit free....will work on the chipbreaker next time in the shop....

Counting Sales Tax...$47 today...

RE: 1st Rust Hunt of the year, for me.. - Bob10 - 01-13-2021

Nice scores I have milk crates full of that stuff that I have to clean up or sort out.  i have to clear out space so I can work in the shop.  I am a sucker for the free piles on CL around here.

RE: 1st Rust Hunt of the year, for me.. - bandit571 - 01-16-2021

And..these cleaned up nicely enough..
Millers Falls No. 77, after M_F enclosed the gears..
KK 4c, made by Ohio Tool Co. before 1920...
Same size as a normal No. 4 (Stanley) yet has a toe bolt in the rear handle.....
And..surprise, surprise....it  did NOT require the "hours of drudgery" to flatten/lap the sole....was already flat....just needed the grooves cleaned out, and a rust spot removed..

Might be worth the $40?

Will give it a test drive after a while..need to try out the new Bench Dogs..
Might be about the only thing I'd buy from Kreg....