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WTB: Dovetail Saw Guide/Jig - ron kanter - 01-14-2021

Quote: I know these often generate heated debate. Please skip the question of why or why not use one. I'd like to try one and then decide.
For me, it is a challenge to choose between the Katz-Moses, Veritas, or David Baron guides. If you have an opinion on one over the others, I am all ears.
Since I don't have a strong opinion, I thought I would just see what I could pick up inexpensively to experiment with.
Let me know what you have available, its condition, and price including shipping the Philadelphia, 19129. Thanks

RE: WTB: Dovetail Saw Guide/Jig - TheCabinetmaker - 01-15-2021

Sent you a PM on the David Barron