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Tablesaw extension - pjohnson - 01-18-2021

On my to do list for many years has been an extension table for my saw.

I finally got around to putting it together. The extension will bolt to existing holes in my fence and butt up against my outfeed table. It is made from poplar and melamine. The hardware is 1/4” bolts, nuts/washers, and t-nuts.

My objective today is to cut the mitre slots and get it mounted. I will post updates pics when it is complete.

Thanks for looking!

RE: Tablesaw extension - pjohnson - 01-18-2021

Complete. Added 48” after the blade

RE: Tablesaw extension - Stwood_ - 01-18-2021

Looks good...........

RE: Tablesaw extension - pjohnson - 01-18-2021

Installed and ready to go.
It added 48” after the blade.

RE: Tablesaw extension - WxMan - 01-18-2021

You're really going to enjoy that added expanse of flat table!  Looks great!

RE: Tablesaw extension - stav - 01-18-2021

Looks great. This is one of those things on my to do list as well.

RE: Tablesaw extension - wood-chips - 01-19-2021

Nice, that's going to maker for easier/safer cuts.

RE: Tablesaw extension - shoottmx - 01-19-2021

Lotta real estate there!