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Iphone use. - firefighter - 01-30-2021

I liked the phone version in the forums. Now all I can get is the "full size" version which is crowded and not friendly. What happened?

RE: Iphone use. - ShopSquirrel - 01-31-2021

I just found a couple of things that may help.
1. At the top tap”UCP”
2. Make sure your phone is in landscape mode (horizontal orientation instead of vertical)
3. There will be links in the left Navarro to update settings like “edit my profile “
4. At the bottom of this section (NOT the bottom of the bottom section), you can see Edit Options (which was not visible to me in portrait mode)
5. Chose My BB GoMobile setting (wording may not be accurate)
6. There is a checkbox above that somewhere too with something about mobile.

After taking advantage of both of them I find woodnet easier to browse on my phone