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Total Boat Halcyon - bmich - 02-05-2021

I saw a few videos of a guy using this on YouTube, I do not remember who it was but I liked the idea of it.  Here are my experiences with using the product. 

First, the initial coat seems to really drink in the finish.  I purchased a quart of high gloss and a quart satin.  The high gloss I was able to coat the table legs and apron with 2 coats and the table top with two coats.  Top is 36x80.  I was able to apply one coat to bottom of table top.  That was all that 1 quart covered. 

Second, the finish seems really think, the viscosity is thicker than regular water poly. 

Third,  it dries extremely fast.  By the time I was done with the legs and apron the table was ready for another coat.  They advertise that its dry within a hour.  My experience is its even faster than that. 

Fourth,  no where on the website does it say that for best results you should coat 2-3 times with gloss then 1-2 with satin.  If you want a satin finish.   So I wound up buying 1 quart of gloss after I got the satin and read the package.

Cons, I really do not see any difference between this and plain old water based poly.  I guess in marine environments this may be different, however in furniture applications I do not see any major differences. 

maybe someone else here has marine experience.