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My Kitchen table - bmich - 02-08-2021

I just finished this table today.  Made from 120 yr old reclaimed wood.  Taken from this barn.   Finished with Total Boat Halcyon, see my review of that under finishes forum.  This is the design from Wood Magazine a few months ago.  I have the benches to make and just tonight I rough cut the wood for them.  I am very pleased how this turned out.  I even got a trip to Johnson's wood bench in Michigan to see their 47" planer sander.  That thing is a beast.  Helical carbide head, they were busy and wouldn't open it for me. Oh well, still cool nonetheless.

RE: My Kitchen table - bmich - 02-08-2021

I guess I should also add that I used Total boat table top resin and diamond pigments Hazelnut to fill in all the nail holes, knots and cracks.

RE: My Kitchen table - stav - 02-08-2021

Very nice looking table. Great work there.

RE: My Kitchen table - fredhargis - 02-08-2021

Oh, wow! That is beautiful. So this Johnson's place just did some custom sanding for you?

RE: My Kitchen table - Darknight - 02-08-2021

The table looks great! Nice work!

RE: My Kitchen table - bmich - 02-08-2021

Yes during the glue up, some of the boards did not line up completely flat.  They were able to run it through the machine.  Cost for that was 30$, not too bad.  Came out sanded to 80 grit. Johnson's Work Bench is in Charlotte, MI.  My mistake calling it wood bench.  http://theworkbench.com/  Look under services for what they offer.  They were not too keen on running reclaimed lumber due to the risk of nails.  I assured them that it was 100 percent clean, they still ran the metal detector over it.  In the photo, you can see some darker legs in the back, that is just my old tables bench.

RE: My Kitchen table - Howard Pollack - 02-08-2021

Very nice.  A wonderful use for old wood.  -Howard

RE: My Kitchen table - jteneyck - 02-08-2021

Beautiful table you made there.  Isn't it amazing what was hiding inside that old, weathered wood.  Good on you for giving some of it a new life.  Was there any undesirable odor in any of the wood?  


RE: My Kitchen table - shoottmx - 02-08-2021

Great reclamation project, I love reusing wood when possible.


RE: My Kitchen table - Stwood_ - 02-08-2021

Very nice job. Great use of material