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RE: Memorial Bench - FrankAtl - 03-04-2021

Hi John. Any update on what you decided to do?

RE: Memorial Bench - jteneyck - 03-04-2021

(03-04-2021, 02:04 PM)FrankAtl Wrote: Hi John. Any update on what you decided to do?

Hi Frank.  

I created a k out of the h with 4 cuts of a chisel, then painted in the recesses.  It's sort of a hybrid between a real lower case k in that font and a capital K.  Yesterday was above freezing and sunny so I applied the finish to it and took this photo.

[Image: ACtC-3dbN83WkEdKf-KpxEnsOVCWfH1Qx2WaXRKW...authuser=0]

I sent the photo to the lady who ordered it and she said it "didn't flow" and wanted me to cut the top section of the k wider.  I asked her to come and look at it in person before I'm going to do that.  Stay tuned.  

To add insult to injury, I tried to keep the finish out of the carving but of course a little got in.  It dissolved the paint , so now I'm going to have to carefully add some paint to those areas.  I'm really surprised the finish dissolved automotive paint that easily.  Nothing simple about getting this project over the finish line.  


RE: Memorial Bench - Bill Holt - 03-05-2021

I know my vote doesn't count, but I think you did an excellent job on the "k".  Hopefully the client will agree when she sees the bench.