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Milwaukee cordless Pin Nailer - Juss1 - 03-08-2021

Looks like Milwaukee if finally coming out with cordless Pin nailer.  I really like my Milwaukee brad nailer so I'll probably pick one of these eventually when they go on sale.  Anyone else thinking of getting one?


RE: Milwaukee cordless Pin Nailer - Cooler - 03-08-2021

I got a notice from the ToolNut that they are accepting pre-orders on the 23 gage pin nailer. 

I have a pin nailer that I almost never use.  I do use a brad pusher more often than the pin nailer, mainly because it's a pain to set up the compressor for a few pins.  The battery powered pin nailer would eliminate that issue.  But still, I would not invest in one. 

Brad pushers seem to be a lost tool.  Very handy sometimes.  But not if you have lots of brads to push in.

RE: Milwaukee cordless Pin Nailer - EdL - 03-08-2021

I'm a little gun shy of the Milwaukee line of nailers as they are charged with nitrogen to provide the nailing force....how long will it be until a seal fails and the gas leaks out, rendering it an expensive paper-weight.?


RE: Milwaukee cordless Pin Nailer - arthropod98 - 03-10-2021

i've got the ryobi cordless one, and i really like it.   Yes

RE: Milwaukee cordless Pin Nailer - Bob10 - 03-10-2021

I have a couple of Paslode nailers they work well although they are only used when I don't have access to an air line.

RE: Milwaukee cordless Pin Nailer - Juss1 - 03-10-2021

I’ve only had the Milwaukee brad nailer for a few months but so far I love it. Especially being able to use it instantly without having to wait for compressor to charge up. Many times I only need a couple of nails. The only down side is it weighs more than a regular nailer but (for me anyway) I don’t really notice the extra weight.

RE: Milwaukee cordless Pin Nailer - Cooler - 03-11-2021

I had a thoroughly unreliable Porter Cable 15 gage angle nailer.  When it started spitting out two nails per hole I retired it and bought the Milwaukee version.  It may be heavier than current model nailers, but it seemed about the same as the 20 year old P-C nailer. 

It handles longer nails too.  I'm working in a bathroom and it is great not having to deal with a compressor in tight spaces.  I would have had to remove the door to get the final piece of crown molding on, so good all around.