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RE: Drill press - KC7CN - 04-22-2021

(04-21-2021, 05:15 AM)KyleD Wrote: From the best I can see that Delta does not have a quill lock. This is troubling to me for several reasons. First, without a lock I assume it doesn't have a split body and the bore the quill rides up and down in is non adjustable for slop. I had a Delta 17-965 and it had terrible slop in the quill bore. And second, it is real handy to be able to run your bit down to desired depth and lock the quill there while you adjust the depth rod.

In my opinion a quill lock (like the one on the Delta 17-965) is an absolute must have feature!  The other thing about a lot of the Delta drill presses is the long quill travel, typically about  4”.

RE: Drill press - MarkSingleton - 04-22-2021

As an aside, a quill lock can be added on a lot of the later model cast iron presses.

It's a hassle.  After verifying that the casting is thick enough for the purpose, you take
the entire head apart, cut a slit in the front of the quill and then attach two pieces of
metal along each side of the slit. Drilled/tapped and bolted on. Cross holes in the two
pieces allow allow a threaded 'take up' to be added across the opening of the slit.
Tighten up the quill, or lock it, as you please.

Helped a buddy of mine do it on two different presses. Worked well. Eliminated a lot
of slop in the quill on both.  Might have pics around somewhere....?

RE: Drill press - Philip1231 - 04-23-2021

Not sure what the used market is like in your area, but around here (Connecticut) you can pick up some old American iron for a song. Its fun (mostly) bringing them back to life. For the budget conscious, its a great option. As far as performance, I'd think the refurbished iron will run rings around the stuff from china (go with Taiwan if you end up going the new route).

RE: Drill press - MT Woodworker - 04-23-2021

You got it, I am looking for used older, even if I have to do a bit of refurbishment
I agree, older can be better

RE: Drill press - Tapper - 04-23-2021

(04-22-2021, 07:53 PM)KC7CN Wrote: In my opinion a quill lock (like the one on the Delta 17-965) is an absolute must have feature!  The other thing about a lot of the Delta drill presses is the long quill travel, typically about  4”.

I have a Delta 17-965 drill press I bought new nearly 20 years ago. At the time I looked at Delta, Grizzly and Jet as they were the leading contenders. Decided on the Delta because of the brand at the time as well as the features on this model. I use the quill lock feature quite often as well as the handy depth gauge. I bought a woodworking table for it from Peachtree Woodworking Supply in Norcross, GA and have never been disappointed in it or the DP. I don't do anything exotic with this drill press but thus far it has met all my needs both for metalworking and woodworking projects.

I know the used market for tools is pretty thin out here in Big Sky country, but can recommend this one should a used one be found.

Good luck,


RE: Drill press - MT Woodworker - 04-24-2021

Thank you Doug for the information.


RE: Drill press - museumguy - 04-24-2021

I have a Jet 17" drill press and love it. I bought it new many years ago. I does everything that I need. I also have a Grizzly benchtop radial arm drill press. I love that one also.

RE: Drill press - MT Woodworker - 04-24-2021

So many choices.....

RE: Drill press - KyleD - 04-24-2021

(04-24-2021, 08:31 AM)MT Woodworker Wrote: So many choices.....

Buy old iron if you can find it.
I dumped the 17-965 Delta when i found a 1965 year Powermatic variable sheave drill press manufactured two years after I was born. I have always meant to restore it but instead just keep using it as is. Like me it is a little worn and pitted in places and looks well used. Unlike me its internals are all in good working order.

RE: Drill press - MT Woodworker - 04-24-2021

I agree going to keep looking for an older one....