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Toilet Tank - petertay15 - 04-18-2021

Just installed a new American Standard toilet. For the tank, it says tighten the nuts until the tank sits on the ceramic ribs on the stool.

Now Wife asks me to fix the wobbly tank in the other bathroom. Brand is Mancesa 1.6 gpf. Under the tank, there is about 3/8 inch space between the tank and stool. I started the to tighten the tank bolts, but saw that the stool does not have two ribs to tighten down to. Just one rib in front. I’m afraid to tighten the tank too far down lest it should break.

Anybody know how far down I can tighten the tank? Or should I put some sort of shims between the tank and the stool? Thanks for your thoughts.

RE: Toilet Tank - EightFingers - 04-18-2021

Some toilets have the ribs on the rubber tank connector itself.

RE: Toilet Tank - MstrCarpenter - 04-18-2021

Torque it to exactly 1/2 revolution before it cracks. (It's the same as torqueing it 'til it cracks then back 1/2 turn but with better results.) But seriously; those bolts are more to compress the seal than rigidity. Some tanks have notches at the top, where the back touches the wall. this is where clips would hold the tank against the wall. In most instances the tank does not actually touch the wall because at some point plumbers were told to "rough-in" from where they think the finish wall will be, so I typically cut a piece of PVC trim-board to fill the gap. This practice not only keeps the tank solidly in place, it drastically reduces the chance of a cracked or leaking tank if/when someone leans back. Hot melt glue works to hold a spacer as well.