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Toilets - JTTHECLOCKMAN - 04-18-2021

Will be redoing my bathroom this year and was thinking of getting a higher standing toilet. What height toilets are there?? Are there more than two?? Standard and elder height. ??

RE: Toilets - MstrCarpenter - 04-18-2021

You can get good quality/function name brand toilets with seat heights ranging from about 14-1/2" (with a thin seat) to just over 19". ADA is 17"-19". Most of my customers think around 17" a major improvement over the "old standard" of about 15". Don't assume the "old standard" was wrong; there are many doctors that insist that bowel movements should be performed in a "squatting position". I don't judge and I don't feel it necessary to discuss anyone's personal preference. Ever!