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Milescraft exaxtor vs Kreg Multi-mark - Cooler - 04-23-2021

The Milescraft Exaxtor and the Kreg Mult-mark seem very similar and useful.  The Kreg costs twice as much.  Does anyone know the differences between these items?  And are they as useful as they seem?




RE: Milescraft exaxtor vs Kreg Multi-mark - FS7 - 04-23-2021

No clue about the difference. But I bought the Kreg since I thought it looked pretty useful and I have a use for tools like that all the time. I'll let you know.

RE: Milescraft exaxtor vs Kreg Multi-mark - MT Woodworker - 04-23-2021

I have a bevel gauge I use
But I really like my Starrett combo squares

RE: Milescraft exaxtor vs Kreg Multi-mark - KyleD - 04-24-2021

One of these tools would be quite handy to carry around in my apron. I quit carrying a combo square because it is a little awkward to put into a pocket and takes up to much room. It also bothers me that I am afraid of dropping a fine tool such as a good quality square. This should be perfect for rough and tumble everyday use.
 The reviews about the levels being out on the miles craft unit concerns me. I don't expect to be able to level a lathe with it but it should be good enough for leveling pictures on the wall or the occasional fence post. If you can find a stack of these at your local hardware store it should be easy enough to check the levels for plumb providing the unit isn't welded inside one of those bullet (and me) proof plastic bubble packs

RE: Milescraft exaxtor vs Kreg Multi-mark - Cooler - 04-26-2021

One of the "answers" said that these were identical except for the color. 

A quick look shows that they are not identical.  The Milescraft has two level vials and the Kreg has one. 

They both seem to have some accuracy issues and one reviewer says it is accurate to ± 2 degrees (88 to 92 degrees for the square).  That is probably OK for carpentry trim. 

I am going to order the Milescraft and we should have reviews on both within this thread shortly.

RE: Milescraft exaxtor vs Kreg Multi-mark - AHill - 04-26-2021

Almost always, Kreg is higher quality than Milescraft. I would trust the accuracy of the Kreg over the Milescraft. Just because they look the same doesn't mean they perform equally as well. If the comment about +/- 2 deg accuracy is true, I'd pass on the Milescraft. I wouldn't even accept 2 deg off for carpentry work.

RE: Milescraft exaxtor vs Kreg Multi-mark - Cooler - 04-27-2021

Mine is arriving tomorrow.  I will check it on our optical comparator at work to see how accurate it is and report. 

Obviously I cannot measure the Kreg as that is not the version I bought.  But if FS7 can check the accuracy on his, we can have a comparison.

The plastic is softer than the stainless steel ruler, so I suspect that accuracy will fade over time due to wear.  But all the other solutions I have tried did not fit easily in a pocket. 

The closest is the Milwaukee trim square.  It is as small as they could make it and still have it useful, but still I find myself putting it down on surfaces rather than putting it back in my pocket.



RE: Milescraft exaxtor vs Kreg Multi-mark - Cooler - 04-29-2021

The MilesCraft Exactor arrived yesterday evening. 

I checked it over with my vernier calipers.  I checked the overall width of the unit at both ends and in the middle and all measurements were identical.  I then measured the width of the slots that the ruler rides in and it was also uniform (and a surprisingly tight fit for the ruler with no discernible wobble within the slot. 

I also checked the markings on the ruler for 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5" and they all seemed spot on. 

I have just handed it to our QC Manager who will put it on our Nikon optical comparator and check the accuracy of the 90 degree and 45 degree ruler settings. 

I have no way to check the accuracy of the level vials, other than it seemed about the same as my good quality torpedo level. 

When our QC manager reports back  to me on the angular accuracy I will update this post.

I would note that it fits easily in my pocket and it feels like it is well-made despite the plastic handle.  The blister pack featured ridiculously thick plastic and was too thick to cut with a scissors and had welds on the pack on 1/4" centers.  A utility knife easily opened it but I hate using knives for this as I have slipped the blade in the past and cut myself.  I can't imagine the need for so much security.

ADDENDUM: Our QC manager just reported to me.  The 90 degree angle is dead-on and there was no play.

The 45 degree angle is off by 9 minutes (just under 1 degree) and no play. 

I think that is acceptable for woodworking, especially for a product that offers so much versatility and is pocket-able. 

ADDENDUM II:  I just noticed that the level vials are set rather deeply in the Exactor and I pretty much have to be at eye-level with the vials to see the bubble.  It is a little better from the rear, but not nearly as visible as on m torpedo level.

The next thing to check is durability.  I will not be creating any test for this; I just plan on using it .  If it fails quickly I will come back and comment.

RE: Milescraft exaxtor vs Kreg Multi-mark - joe1086 - 05-07-2021

Ordered the Kreg Multimark assuming the quality would be better than Milescraft version. The blade had so much slop in all three positions it was unusable. It had several degrees of movement in the slot with the nut tightened. Perhaps I got a bad one. Returned it immediately.

Got the Milescraft a few days later. Blade fits snuggly in the slots with no noticeable play. The 3/16 edge reveal was off - closer to 1/4. Bubble level was accurate but hard to read.

Milescraft for the win.

RE: Milescraft exaxtor vs Kreg Multi-mark - KyleD - 05-08-2021

(04-29-2021, 07:31 AM)Cooler Wrote: The MilesCraft Exactor arrived yesterday evening. 

I have no way to check the accuracy of the level vials, other than it seemed about the same as my good quality torpedo level. 
There is a quick way to check the levels. simply hold the level against a surface and note where the bubble is on the vial. Shim it to read level if you do not want to try and remember where the bubble reads otherwise. Now turn the level 180 degrees and read it again. Whatever difference there is between the two readings is double the error the bubble has. 
P.S. this does not work well for curved vials.