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Skimpy Yard Sale? - bandit571 - 05-01-2021

Quality vs Quantity?    hmmm....So..what all did I get for $5.50? Confused
Price tag (green spot) says $5.....which means that extension was a mere fifty cents.... Winkgrin
And, after a quick clean up..find out it is a John S. Fray & Co.  No.2....clean up managed to free up the chuck, so it could work again..

You can really reach out and touch something, once a bit is also installed..

Now, about that 40pc Tap & Die set.....I dumped the mess into a bowl, and soaked the parts in Coke-a-cola for the afternoon....
Yum!...Hauled this to the shop...wire wheel to clean the taps..
Which left these... Rolleyes
Then cleaned the rest of the tools in the set...

Which leaves the tray....it may  get tossed into the dishwasher...we'll see..
Hardest part was cleaning that thread gauge.....

A bit skimpy, today....just one sale, today.   Rolleyes

RE: Skimpy Yard Sale? - iclark - 05-01-2021

The suckage is strong with this one. Smile

RE: Skimpy Yard Sale? - MarkSingleton - 05-01-2021

Yep, good haul for sure!

RE: Skimpy Yard Sale? - Bill Wilson - 05-01-2021

I picked up that exact same tap & die set at a flea market a couple years ago.  I think I paid $10 for it, but it was green tagged for $15.  Mine wasn't quite that rusty and I had to replace one of the small taps.  I'd say you got a pretty good deal.   Yes

RE: Skimpy Yard Sale? - bandit571 - 05-01-2021

This set is missing the smaller 2 taps.  

Day #2 of the Weekend Rust Hunts...again, rather skimpy....only spent $3...plus a dollar for the gas can for the mower...
Picked this, because of the bits it has...and my Yankees do not....
$1 for a Disston D8, 26"long 8ppi cross cut....decided to pick up the saw set, as well..
For another dollar bill....

4 sales today, and a Junk-in-the-Box Store.....one sale..
When ya can smell the Rust from way back here....

A bit windy out, was up in the 60s, temp wise...good day to get out and about...

Clean-up/rehab will come later....had to mow the yard..

RE: Skimpy Yard Sale? - Bill_Houghton - 05-01-2021

It's early yet.

Last weekend, I scored a Columbia WW vise for $20 and four Jorgie F-clamps, 36" long capacity plus a 4" Adjustable Clamp C-clamp for another $20.  A bit high, but the long clamps don't show up often.  I've freed up  three of the four (the C-clamp came in good shape).  Hoping for the serious sales soon.

RE: Skimpy Yard Sale? - Tony Z - 05-01-2021

Was at the first Hazen flea market for 2021. Tools were scarce and what was there was badly over priced. Junker saws,too rusty to even cut for a scraper,were $10. Did get a Sargent Autoset smoother plane sole that I needed, no blade,very rusty, for$5.

RE: Skimpy Yard Sale? - bandit571 - 05-01-2021

One of the tools from today's sales...has been cleaned up.. Cool
Has a Patent Date of Sept 15, 1908.....a triple A logo....and has the E.C. Atkins & Co. name stamped on it.   Can't make out the last stamp....___-85? Confused 
Knob for the anvil, has a pointer, that points to settings.   Cool
Looks a little like another one I have in the shop..same Maker? Confused 
Different ways of holding a saw...
Maybe keep one for "Fine" and the newest one for "Coarse"?

Waiting on a finish to dry on that Disston D8 ( no hyphen, pre-1928 logo)then will assemble and show it off....

I had to stand at that sale, and explain to the sellers exactly what a Saw Set does.....AFTER I had already paid for it, of course..they thought it was simply a funny looking pair of pliers.

RE: Skimpy Yard Sale? - stav - 05-03-2021

I don't know why, but I'm a sucker for tap and die.  Nice find on those.  I need to find some of these yard sales you are always finding.

RE: Skimpy Yard Sale? - bandit571 - 05-03-2021

That Disston D8 ( 8 is inside of the D).. Cool  
Has had the handle refinished, and rubbed down... I now have a pair of D8 handsaws the same age... Cool
One is a 5-1/2 Rip, and the latest one is a 8ppi cross cut 
Both have the same readable etch...
Just that the Rip is at 28" vs the 26" of the Crosscut...
I spent $1 on each of these saws...not too bad? Winkgrin