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WTB: Panel clamps - Koda64 - 05-20-2021

This is going to be a long shot like a shot in the dark. But looking for and want to buy either of the two

1. Woodpecker clampZILLA or

2. Damston clamps.

If somehow anyone has them and wants to sell them PM me or reach out to me by email

RE: WTB: Panel clamps - paulWoodworker - 05-20-2021

Amazon has a clone of the plano clamps on sale 199 for 3 clamps and the mounting rail.

I have the planos, they are really nice.


RE: WTB: Panel clamps - Gentleman Jim - 05-21-2021

I have some plano clamps. Will send a pica bit later

RE: WTB: Panel clamps - Gentleman Jim - 05-21-2021

I have this. Would it suit. $100 plus shipping