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how to make this box - Woodworm! - 05-22-2021

Looks like the wood is sliced, but how to get it square and uniform to make cubes from showing the growth rings. guessing it is 1/2"=3/4"

[Image: slicebox.jpg]

RE: how to make this box - Gary G™ - 05-22-2021

It’s slices of end grain; mill first, then cut off equal thicknesses.
It could be a 2X4 of old growth pine.

RE: how to make this box - MstrCarpenter - 05-22-2021

I'd start by finding a few 3/4" boards with the center of the heart on both ends. rip a 3/4" strip keeping the center on both ends. I'll need 5 or six of these pieces about 2' long. Edge glue the strips together (like butcher-block) and run thru the thickness planer to clean up both faces. Cut the new board into 5 pieces and glue together. Clean up the sides and then cut to length.

RE: how to make this box - Woodworm! - 05-23-2021

Thanks for the ideas.

RE: how to make this box - WoodCzech - 05-24-2021

Almost looks like it's made from smaller branches seeing the tight grain and a lot of small knots.  When I trim lower branches from jack pines on our property, they look a lot like it.  Of course milling those would take some patience
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RE: how to make this box - Paul K. Murphy - 05-30-2021

[attachment=35548]Look at the background on this tabletop. This was built by Gerrit Jensen if I’m not mistaken. Late XIIIX Century. (English, Jensen was a Huguenot immigrant)
This type of woodwork with the end grain veneers put together like tiles is called oyster work, or sometimes oyster marquetry.
The Australian blogger, “Jack Plane” constructed a walnut tea table with oyster work. You can see how he did it here: https://pegsandtails.wordpress.com/2009/10/09/a-walnut-tea-table-2/

(I devour everything on this blog. The man’s knowledge and skills are superlative.)