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RE: Ceiling Fan Direction - Stu - 06-04-2021

This reminds me of the toilet paper roll controversy, except the to actually had a patent that clearly showed the "right" way...

RE: Ceiling Fan Direction - Wild Turkey - 06-06-2021

If it's summer and I'm sweating I want a downflow.  

If I'm already cold I don't want downflow making it worse so that's when I reverse the fan.

RE: Ceiling Fan Direction - Pirate - 06-06-2021

Having rental houses, I found when the tenant has the fans blowing up, the ceiling gets dirty, 

I epoxy the switch in the down mode

RE: Ceiling Fan Direction - JosephP - 06-06-2021

We turn off the ceiling fans in the winter...

RE: Ceiling Fan Direction - K. L. McReynolds - 06-11-2021

Both. Big Grin

Seriously, the fan in the living room is Pull air Up in the summer and Push air Down in winter. In our bedrooms, push down year round. We sleep better that way, even with the windows open in the fall/winter when temps are not below freezing. I used to sleep on a screened in second floor porch in a old style feather bed in the winter in Joplin, Missouri. The sink in so far you almost do  not need a blanket kind. Big Grin

RE: Ceiling Fan Direction - 2beast - 06-11-2021

Down in the summer.
After working out in the heat all day I often radiate heat.
I want that cool breeze hitting me  Yes

RE: Ceiling Fan Direction - Stwood_ - 06-14-2021

(06-02-2021, 02:28 PM)rwe2156 Wrote: Down in the summer, up in the winter.

Don't ask me why, just do it.


RE: Ceiling Fan Direction - MT Woodworker - 06-14-2021

Ceiling fan direction is what ever you want, not what someone else tells you.
Run it the way you want....