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RE: Just using up some scraps - Bill Holt - 06-18-2021

...Boring anybody?   Not me.  I enjoy every picture of every build!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RE: Just using up some scraps - ChuckHill - 06-18-2021

(06-18-2021, 01:49 PM)Bill Holt Wrote: ...Boring anybody?   Not me.  I enjoy every picture of every build!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Same here!  I also enjoy the pictures of when things don't go perfectly.  Reminds me that I am not alone in that.

RE: Just using up some scraps - bandit571 - 06-19-2021

Roh-kay, Raggy....spent an hour, flattening the lid...AFTER a re-design took place..
Trimmed the ends by about 3/8"....changed the front porch to a finger-lift....flattening involved removing a raised area right at the glue line....
Seemed to do the trick....screeeeeches a little bit, though...Test fit again..
Figured I might as well add the hinges....rounded up the usual suspects...
2 clamps, to keep things lined up ( along with the vise), a candle to wax the threads, a bag of hinge parts, a pencil to mark where the pilot holes will go..and a square to lay out how far "inland" the hinges will go.....Need a screwdriver that can drive them tiny screws....and..need a drill bit to drill the pilot holes...hmm
A small nail, cut the head off, chuck that end into the drill....=...pilot hole drill bit..
Even took the time to "clock" the screws....

Since everything has been sanded down to 220 grit...decided to add a coat of stain....brush on, wait a bit, then wipe down..move on to the next section/side..
Whether it be the front and the lid...and the insides, and underside of the lid..
Underside of the box, too, BTW....then the ends..
And, along the back...
Plan is to let this sit a day...while I figure out the inside of the box.....and see about a tray/tote of some sort...

We be getting there...stay tuned..

Just using up some scraps - Tankwood - 06-19-2021

Very nice , enjoying seeing your setup and implementation.
The old school techniques with your inspiration shines through.

I am following right along..

RE: Just using up some scraps - Bill Holt - 06-21-2021

Bandit, I am so greatful for your build-a-long projects; you are adding some life to WN.

RE: Just using up some scraps - bandit571 - 06-22-2021

Lets see, slight design change....it is now to be a Key Safe....
Needs a rack to hang the key rings on....there is a box at the bottom, for all those keys nobody remembers what they go to.  

Pilot holes for the cup hooks..
And, despite waxing the threads....I still snapped a couple off....trying to get that one last turn....good thing I bought an 8-pack..

Decided on something to dress up the front of the door...as I will just use the finger lift  as a handle...so..
Got out the scrollsaw...and some 1/4" thick Ash...
Paint this a silver colour...drill 3 holes to mount the "key" to the door..
Finish looking good enough...might as well install this .....
Load it up...
The way it sits on the wall, it tends to self close the door.   Side view, when you happen to walk by..
I think I can call this little project....done?