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Blade / Bit cleaning - MT Woodworker - 06-10-2021

Curious to what some folks use for cleaners.

I use Formula 409. Got a cheap plastic oil change pan for table saw and circular saw blades, a small plastic container for router bits.

An overnight soak, soft bristle brush, build up is gone.  I do remove any bearings from router bits before hand.

An inexpensive cleaning process that works well.

What’s yours?

RE: Blade / Bit cleaning - lincmercguy - 06-10-2021

I bought the spray bottle of the CMT blade cleaner. I spray some on one side, let it soak for 15 min, then it all wipes off with a shop towel. Repeat for the second side, and I'm usually done. If I wait too long in between cleanings I might have to hit it twice. I haven't had a need to soak in a tub of cleaner.

RE: Blade / Bit cleaning - lincmercguy - 06-10-2021

I think I paid $16 for the 18oz spray bottle of it. I probably use 1oz to clean a blade, depending on how dirty it is. It would definitely be expensive to soak the blade in it unless I bought a container to store it in and reused it over and over. You are probably still paying a little less than I am, but cleaning blades is only an annual chore since it's only a hobby/side thing for me. It was more convenience for me when space was very limited for me.

RE: Blade / Bit cleaning - Cooler - 06-10-2021

I put it in a pan of very hot water and drop in a few Polident cleaner tablets.  It will remove organic materials (pitch, tar, etc.).

It also cleans coffee stains of of dinnerware and coffee mugs.  It is safe on stainless steel (don't use bleach on stainless--it will ruin the passivation and it will make the stainless far more likely to rust).

And, of course it is entirely safe to use and easy to store.  It will work with warm water, but the action is more vigorous and faster with hot water. 

CSI units use it to clean organic matter off of evidence. 

It is a safe product, but I have never soaked my hands in it so I don't know if it is an irritant.

I just looked it up.  Persulfate (the active ingredient) should not be consumed--with the main problem being allergic reactions.  If you are not allergic, it is not an issue.  Rinsing well resolves all issues. 

It works well and is safer than most other chemicals.

RE: Blade / Bit cleaning - jteneyck - 06-10-2021

1 or 2 tablespo0ns of Oxy-Clean in a gallon of hot water.  5 - 10 minutes and it's all off with just a light scrubbing, or wait 30 minutes and just rinse.  Cheap, safe, fast, and very effective.  


RE: Blade / Bit cleaning - cams2705 - 06-10-2021

I bought a gallon of Simple Green years ago with a cheap oil pan like you use.  I let blades and bits soak for about 10 minutes and then a little scrub with a brass brush.  When I'm done, I funnel the cleaner back into the gallon jug.

RE: Blade / Bit cleaning - wood-chips - 06-10-2021

Cheap and easy. Mix liquid laundry soap half and half with water.

Spread/pour on the saw blade and brush with stiff bristle nylon brush. The crud will start to melt away before you even get started with the brush. Rinse with hot water and it will look like it just came out of the box brand new in less than 5 minutes.

RE: Blade / Bit cleaning - fishhh4 - 06-11-2021

I use the Simple Green from the spray bottle that cleans everything else in my shop. It's about 60% water 40% SG.

RE: Blade / Bit cleaning - Laid-Back - 06-11-2021

heavy solution of Dawn dishwashing detergent placed on a five gallon bucket lid.  bout five minutes or so,

RE: Blade / Bit cleaning - CARYinWA - 06-11-2021

I first used CMT Blade and Bit and Thought it did ok but slow.  I got a good deal on the Rockler concentrated cleaner.  I am pretty impressed.  It works really well and really fast.