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"not activated" - Halfathumb - 07-16-2021

I saw this on S & S for a rail stile door set. What exactly does this term mean? 


RE: "not activated" - iclark - 07-17-2021

(07-16-2021, 10:40 AM)Halfathumb Wrote: I saw this on S & S for a rail stile door set. What exactly does this term mean? 


When someone joins WN, there was a process where the WN server sends an email to the email address used to register. The new member is then supposed to follow a process described in that email to activate the new account. IIRC, the process was to click on a link in the email (but I could be wrong, it has been a long time since I joined).

Unfortunately, that process broke down when the server that WN used to send emails got black-holed as a source of spam.

The mods have been activating accounts manually on request for members once they have been active and contributing for a while.

Once an account is activated, the title displays as "New Member" until they reach a threshold on total number of posts. Then, the title displays as "Member" unless they get a custom title. There was a short period of time after the transition to the new software during which members could create their own titles, but that period has ended.


RE: "not activated" - Complexity - 09-05-2021

Hi, can you please activate my account? I received the email and used the link to activate my account, it says, "It appears your account is already activated or does not require email verification." However, when I look at my profile, it says, "(Account not Activated)." Thank you for your help.

RE: "not activated" - TABlank - 10-20-2021


I have the same problem as Complexity.  I click on the link in the email to activate and enter the code.  Get a response that I do not need to activate.  However, my member status says "not activated."

Thanks for your assistance.


RE: "not activated" - MarkWells - 01-02-2022

Will you please activate my account?  I remember trying to activate, but it didn't work.  I don't know the details.