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Trip to Albany NY - Slav Jelesijevich - 09-13-2021

Going to Albany NY to help my friend Grandpa from Benny Hill. Is there any tool stores 2nd hand stores, flea market in the area to check out?


RE: Trip to Albany NY - Philip1231 - 09-16-2021

I lived in the Troy/Albany area for a couple of years (many years ago) and I am not aware of anything special in this region associated with WW. There is the Northeastern Woodworkers Association Fine WW Show in Saratoga, but that's in March 2022.

RE: Trip to Albany NY - EvaShinQ - 11-10-2021

Quote:Have you found any tool stores in the area? I'll be there in a couple of weeks, and I will also need some new tools as I have to repair something. My girlfriend used to live there, and she told me there is no tool store in the area. The closes one is almost 50 miles away from the town! The only solution would be the darn gas stations. I hope I can find something there. I just checked the timetable on SPAM, and my departure is tomorrow at 10 am. So, is there a gas station somewhere near the train station?


RE: Trip to Albany NY - DaveParkis - 11-11-2021

I live in Colonie which is a suburb of Albany. You are more than welcome to come look at what I have. I missed seeing Slav when he was around. I am aboutb15 minutes from the train station.

RE: Trip to Albany NY - Codetalker - 11-25-2021

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RE: Trip to Albany NY - Kaidaa - 11-26-2021

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