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global mark all read - Rob Young - 09-24-2021

There used to be a "mark all forums read" down at the bottom of the form list page. It seems to have vanished.

Yes, forums can be marked one at a time but I got used to doing all in one swell foop.

RE: global mark all read - fredhargis - 09-25-2021

<p>You may be having the problem I had. I was going to the wrong place. When I wanted to list the forums, I clicked on the "active" button on the upper left. If you do you don't see the "mark all forums read". Instead click on "Woodnet forums", then you should see the global button. Even then, it doesn't work all the time (for me). We seem to have abandoned support of the software.<br></p>

Nope, I'm wrong...the global button just disappeared for me as well. Chit!