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How to un-gump? - goaliedad - 10-07-2021

Somehow I have a fellow on my gump list. No idea how that happened. How do I release him from WN jail?

RE: How to un-gump? - iclark - 10-07-2021

If you can get to their user profile, there should be a button near the bottom of the right-hand column that toggles between adding them to and removing them from your ignore list.

If you can see that they posted, you should be able to click on their name to get to their profile. Otherwise, you may have to experiment with the search function.

RE: How to un-gump? - Stwood_ - 10-07-2021

In your user settings......

RE: How to un-gump? - iclark - 10-08-2021

(10-07-2021, 07:33 PM)Stwood_ Wrote: In your user settings......

That is easier than what I posted.

Under Miscellaneous in left column
Buddy/Ignore List