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RE: Problem with posting photos - Dusty Workshop - 05-23-2022

Nope, that's not it.
It's not off screen, it is just not there.

RE: Problem with posting photos - DaveLeard - 02-11-2023

I quit posting to woodnet a couple years ago because I could not upload a photo. I spent a horrible amount of time trying to figure it out. I was having problems much like those described in this thread. I'm trying it again today:


HOLY SMOKES! I did it! Next time I have the urge to post, I'm in business!

RE: Problem with posting photos - David Stone - 04-24-2023

(05-18-2022, 04:49 AM)Dusty Workshop Wrote: I am working from my phone in full site mode rather than mobile using Chrome .

I click browse and select the file and the file name does appear.

I click add attachment, and the file name disappears.

Has this been resolved? I'm having the same problems.  I'm trying to post from my iPhone, using the Chrome browser.  I click on "Choose Files", then select the photo and drop the image size down to 220 Kb.  When I click "Choose", it appears on the page.  But when I click "Add Attachment" it just disappears. I don't see an error message or anything.