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RE: It woke me up? - stav - 10-19-2021

That configuration has a very interesting look to it. Really neat. Not sure how I missed this one first time around.

RE: It woke me up? - bandit571 - 10-20-2021

This be a brand new project....now that I am allowed into the shop..on a limited basis.    Sitting around doing nothing gets rather boring...real fast.

RE: It woke me up? - bandit571 - 10-21-2021

Hmmm...even with a coat of stain....lid still makes this look like a casket....
Just not the look I wanted....hinges would be hard enough to install...
And the lid just did NOT sit in the rebate very well....actually, it sat very badly....so....this morning, lid was tossed away, FAR away....and that ugly rebate was..leveled..
Some resawn Ash was cut to length....edges jointed, then ripped for width (~3" or so..) then the saw marks were planed off, for a better glue joint.   No gaps allowed!

Mooshed some glue around..then that Forest of Clamps was installed..
I doubled up the cauls on the ends, to pull things flat at the joint..
Both pieces were sawn and planed....and sanded until they matched in thickness....less work for me, once the clamps are put away....

Let this sit a day..or 2....while I figure out what to do with the "leftovers"...
Maybe another small box?   Maybe a tray for this box?  Hmmm....

Stay tuned...

RE: It woke me up? - Bill Holt - 10-22-2021

I thought, hoped, the splines would would show up more after stain/finish.

Very interesting concept, one I was interested in trying.  I agree with you, the lid distracts the eye.

RE: It woke me up? - bandit571 - 10-22-2021

Roh-kay...Raggy.   Didn't care for the grooves still showing, nor the bevels around the top edges...so...
We'll just start from scratch....can always add a hint of bevel, later...

panel is out of the clamps....still needing the glue line flattened....seems one of the 2 boards was a hair thicker than needed...we have ways..
Millers Falls No. 15 Jumbo Jack....seemed to work well enough..
Looks that way..
Found some better hinges, too...
Added a little bevel to the top of the box, and match the top to that bevel....also mitered the corners of the lid...
Lid wasn't sitting flat....hmmm...a high spot?    Actually a couple places that were still too thick...
Again, we have ways...this time...it was the Millers Falls No. 9, Type.    It was nearby, as it was the plane doing the bevels.  

About this time, right knee was starting to complain..time to stop for the night...

Maybe tomorrow, I can install those hinges, and see about a latch....may have to travel up the road to Lima, OH. and visit Hobby Lobby?

Stay tuned..

RE: It woke me up? - bandit571 - 10-25-2021

After making sure the lid was indeed as flat as I could get it, and as smooth as a plane can get it....test fit again...
Yet the lid still rocked? Flipped the lid over...still rocked the same?    Hmmm, means something else was out of flat....we have ways..
Planed 2 corners down, until lid did sit flat..no rocking allowed.  Also note....have started the hinge install....
Just a bit of chisel work....Installed one side of one hinge...
Smallest Phillips screwdriver I had on hand.....when the lid is closed...this is all you'll see of the hinges...

Might have to clear off the bench, next time I'm down there? 
May go and get a few more wooden thingys...Knobs/Feet...as them white things are too clunky..

Have a leak in the roof...all this rain ain't helping much..
The Kitchen Bucket Brigade......Roof Leak vs Drywall ceiling...doesn't turn out very good.....Landlord does have a roofing crew lined up...new roof on the whole house...was to have started 3 weeks ago....still a No-Show, today...Can't fix ceilings until the roof is done...

RE: It woke me up? - stav - 10-26-2021

I do prefer that lid to the other.  

Sorry about your roof issues.  Hope clear skies are in the forecast.

RE: It woke me up? - Bill Holt - 10-26-2021

Wow, the roof/ceiling is serious.  Hope the humidity does not "re-shape" the flat lid.

Again, nice design on the box.

RE: It woke me up? - bandit571 - 10-27-2021

2nd hinge mortise done....first a bit of chisel work..
Wanted a better way to level the bottom...
Enough that I could install the second hinge to the box...
The more I looked at that bevel on the right....was enough to bring out a square....yep, box square, bevel bad....plane to correct...Tried to install the lid..
Ooops, going to be one of THEM days, I see....stop and fix the splits..can't make a new lid..
Waiting on the glue to dry, now.....I did clean off the top of the bench, today...
Needed the elbow room.   I also found a few pencils down IN the tool well ( where else) so, today was a sharpening day..
Figured I'd had enough "fun" for this morning...closed up shop (even swept the floor!) and went upstairs, just in time for some 2G's Catfish Fillets..

Stay tuned...I MIGHT get that lid installed yet.   Still no sign of a roofing crew...

RE: It woke me up? - bandit571 - 10-28-2021

Pilot hole drill bit, with the correct sized drill
See how that goes.....

Unable to get to the Lima, OH.  Hobby Lobby...had to cobble 4 feet myself..
Will drill a hole for a press fit, add a spot of glue....box will sit on it's own 4 feet, later. 

Trying to get the lid to fit a wee bit better to the box....humid basement + a few clamps..
With a little help from the vise....let this sit a day or two....then see how it looks...no rush..

Stay tuned