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HNT Gordon spokeshave - Katzrme - 10-13-2021

I’m considering replacing my Millers Falls #1 cigar shave with the HNT Gordon small curved spokeshave. I’ve never really mastered the MF and thus rarely use it. It seems like the HNT can handle very tight radius curves in a more standard configuration and I expect I’d use it a lot more. Does anyone have one? Likes? Dislikes? Any info about the HNT would be greatly appreciated.

RE: HNT Gordon spokeshave - C. in Indy - 10-14-2021

I haven't had one of these;  I did have a different HNT spokeshave once.   I believe a summary statement would be that all of these are intended for very light cuts, where they work great.  But if you want a heavier cut, they may not be optimized for that.