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RE: Router Plate Recommendation - kurt18947 - 11-09-2021

(10-28-2021, 04:24 PM)photobug Wrote: I have a cast iron wing router table with an aluminum plate.

I would really consider a router lift.  I have a "Router Raizer" for mine, a much cheaper alternative to an expensive lift, I really like the ease of adjusting the bit height.  The biggest weakness to my system is the inserts to the router plate.  They are plastic and not always as flat as can be.  In my next life, I would go for a locking insert.

I'd go along with the Router Raizer too, I'm not sure if there are any other lifts for plunge routers. I have a Freud FT2000E which is plunge only. The Router Raizer was simple to install, there are a number of washers, bushings etc in the box. Pick the ones you need. I took the plunge spring out initially but put it back in. Without the plunge spring I needed to use the plunge lock. When I locked it the bit would tilt a tiny bit. I found with the spring in there is enough drag on the screw that it doesn't seem to move when in use without the lock so doesn't tilt. It may not anyway with the spring installed. One consideration is that the lead screw is 3/8"-16 so some might find the adjustment too coarse. One turn moves the bit 1/16", half turn 1/32" etc. The upside is that it doesn't take too many turns to raise the bit up when changing it.

RE: Router Plate Recommendation - MT Woodworker - 11-10-2021

I have a Bench-dog cast iron table, aluminum plate with lift I got from Rockler, on a cabinet I built, for bit storage and vacuum dust collection.
Definitely like a router lift for minor adjustments.


RE: Router Plate Recommendation - fredhargis - 11-11-2021

Denjis, what did you wind up deciding?

RE: Router Plate Recommendation - DieselDennis - 11-11-2021

I put the one on Amazon from TayTools on my wish list.

Honestly there weren't a lot of options.  Has to be 9" x 12" x 1/4" thick.  If you want an aluminum plate, that severely limits the choices.  Add in that I need to bolt it to a DeWalt router and it's more like this one or that one.

Also want to add, I did everything short of unbolting the table extension and looking on the inside edge to find some sort of marking on the table.  Can't find a trace of any identifiers.  It came with a PM66 I picked up from a local university.

RE: Router Plate Recommendation - Pirate - 12-12-2021

Be sure to mount the paddle switch where you knee can hit it.

RE: Router Plate Recommendation - jamesglenn - 12-14-2021

(12-12-2021, 12:12 PM)Pirate Wrote: Be sure to mount the paddle switch where you knee can hit it.

Definitely this! 

I have a lot of my tools set up this way and it's very convenient while keeping your hands on the work piece and focus on the machine.

I still suffer from stupidity at times, but it's great to bump the switch when something goes wrong.