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we have work to do - bandit571 - 11-02-2021

A LARGE box arrived via UPS last week...32.8 pounds was the weight of the thing...inside that huge box?

Wait for it.....
A friend of mine out in Arizona, was thinning his own herd...and figured I could use a few...with one "catch"
This Stanley No. 4 was to be rehabbed and shipped back out to him..then the rest can be done as I get to them...
Left to right....
Stanley No. 6c, Type 17 (WW2 era)
Stanley No. 5-1/2c, Type 11, with a tall knob, all else says T-11
2 Stanley No. 5 jack planes, Type 16.
That No. 4, Type 11, also with a tall knob....
And a pair of Sargent No. 79s...sold by Sears as Craftsman. 
Rear porches of the bench planes...and the Craftsman planes..
And the other side of the Sargent No. 79s..( number is cast in the guide fence)
Also WW2 era?

So...That #4 was shipped out this morning..
Look any better?
Iron does have the "proper"logo..
And....it do make shavings...in Ash...
Should be back at his shop this coming Friday....plane looked a bit lonesome in the Medium Flat Rate box...so a Stanley #3, Type 11 was sent along...since I have 3 of them, I figured I could "spare" one? 

Next up?   Stay tuned...

RE: we have work to do - stav - 11-03-2021

Seems like a nice trade on your part. Now you need to build something to store all those new planes in. 

RE: we have work to do - Tony Z - 11-03-2021

Bandit, you got way too many planes in your herd! Now's the time to send me that MF #15 plane ya got!

RE: we have work to do - Bill_Houghton - 11-03-2021

Nice trade!

I do like those early Sargent No. 79s - very graceful shape, and the "rhino horn" on the front makes for a more comfortable front grip for those times you're using it without a fence (the same horn appears on their dado planes, where it's even more valuable).

Later Sargents look like a poor imitation of a Stanley 78.

RE: we have work to do - bandit571 - 11-03-2021

Roh...kay....to rehab these next 2...a plain old brush with a bit of 3in1 oil in it...was rubbed around....cleans off most of the rusty spots, and all of the dirt and grime..wire wheels to clean the stubborn spots..and...
Like the threaded spots.   irons were sharpened up..soles are flat..
So. I have one complete #79 and one..not so complete..   Bolts for the fence and depth stop are wrong...missing the depth stop and fence assembly on the other plane..

Waiting on varnish to dry, right now...before the two No.5 Jacks can head to the shop....They MIGHT take the place of the 2 Type 19s I currently have IN the shop....Type 16 are better, right? 

Then we'll see about those other 2 bigger planes.

RE: we have work to do - bandit571 - 11-04-2021

have hauled (slowly) the 2 Stanley No. 5, Type 16 Jack Planes to the shop...need a spot of glue for the one rear handle..and will lookinto what colour the lever caps get...looks like an Orange flavour?   Nickel plated, with the kidney shaped holes. 

One iron was mushroomed out on the end..due to a missing bolt between the chipbreaker and the iron..Hammer-adjust?   Have replaced that missing bolt with one from the "Spares Box".   Might wander back to the shop for a little while....not sure whether I'll work on both, or just one at a time....

BTW:  That Type 17 No. 6c?    It was also missing that chipbreaker bolt....was wondering WHY the plastic depth adjuster wheel seemed to spin so well, and NOT change the depth setting....Works much better, now.  

Gene out in AZ got his package delivered this afternoon....waiting to see how well it traveled....given USPS's track record....

Stay tuned....of course there will be pictures of the next rehab.....just not of my knee's..

RE: we have work to do - bandit571 - 11-05-2021

Ok..although both Stanley No. 5, Type 16s have gone to the shop....Knee decided only one would be done...

Had one of the 2 that needed a bolt between the chipbreaker and the iron..."Spares Box" provided that.   must have been a LOT of hammer adjusting going on..top edge of the iron was mushroomed a bit...grind the ridge flat...flatten the back of the iron, and give it a new 25 degree bevel....that is square to the sides. 
Chipbreaker cleaned and polished up....clean and polish the nickel plated lever cap.....plus everything that had a thread...
Sides of the base casting were cleaned up...wood parts cleaned and oiled...
Sole was checked for flat...flat enough for a JACK plane, at least.....paint and rust removed...
Then topside...a wire brush..a paint brush with a few drops of 3in1 oils...and an old beater chisel....to remove the rust & crud caked in place...
No paint was involved, nor needed....iron sharpened to a camberless 1500 grit edge, Mated to the polished chipbreaker...time to reassemble this jack..
Note: that brass depth adjuster wheel...it had the yoke jambed between it and the back of the frog....it now rides IN the yoke.  Anything that had threads, was given a drop of 3in1 oil before re-installing that part...may still go back and work on the iron a bit more...good enough for a jack plane right now...

The 2 jacks, side by side, afterwards..
Second one MIGHT take a little longer than an hour...maybe....
Ya think?

trying to preserve as much of the nickel plate as I can...may repaint that orange...on both of them..handle was broken...a nice clean break...smoosh some glue around, and use the handle's own bolt as a clamp...and let it sit there, until the next time I get to the shop..
maybe tomorrow?   We'll see...

Stay tuned...

BTW: over in the Large Tool Cabinet sitting behind a Stanley No. 5-1/2, type 17.....are 2  Stanley No. 5, Type 19s....I think I MIGHT have a "Jack Problem"?

RE: we have work to do - bandit571 - 11-07-2021

Ok...Both Jacks are now rehabbed...
except one is a Type 16, and the other is a Type 19...
Different frog seat, iron is rounded at the top, stained hardwood for the handles..
Test Track is Ash....was still able to make a few shavings....

The 2 in the background are also Stanley No. 5, Type 19......all 4 are smooth soled.   Shop also has 4 Millers Falls No. 14....too many jacks?

Will get to work on the Stanley No. 5-1/2c, Type 11 later, today......Then see about that Type 17 Stanley No. 6c.....maybe Tuesday?

I either need to re-arrange the tils a bit, or thin this heard out.....anyone need a Stanley Jack Plane?

RE: we have work to do - bandit571 - 11-08-2021

The Stanley No. 5-1/2c Jumbo Jack is now rehabbed..
Someone had replaced the Low Knob with a Tall one...otherwise this IS a Type 11...
Next up in the line....a War time era No. 6c..Stanley Type 17....date code on it's iron...243  Second quarter of 1943...need to haul it down TO the shop in a bit..knee willing..am on Laundry Detail, today..

RE: we have work to do - bandit571 - 11-10-2021

And...I can add the Stanley No. 6c, Type 17 to the list of rehabbed planes...

Slightly longer than the Stanley No. 5-1/2c, Type 11...
Had a bolt with just half of a head...
That I needed to replace.   Spare Box had a Stanley Tote Toe bolt, that I cut down to length...Someone had sprayed painted the lever cap an ugly flat black..
Paint was removed, lever cap polished up...

This has the War Time depth adjuster wheel....
There is a Date Code stamped into the iron...243...2nd Quarter of 1943....
That be a LOT of grooviness going on there...
Test track is a 1 x 6 of Ash.....and once the plane started making shavings...felt so good...
Had to force myself to stop....yeah...right..

Means I have TWO Stanley No. 6cs in the shop..one is a tad bit older...
It does have 2 patent dates, and a low knob, though...

And that should do it for the Plane rehabs....

Might have something a little different to rehab..next..
Stay tuned...