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Bargain Alert - 12v Bosch set - mr_skittle - 11-21-2021

I was browsing the aisles at Menards when I came across the 12v, 2 pc drill/impact set for only $100. It's $180 regular price. I'm fond of Bosch tools because they are great quality for the avid DIY'er or semi-pro builder but the price doesn't break the bank.

RE: Bargain Alert - 12v Bosch set - Willyou - 11-22-2021

I bought a similar Dewalt set a number of years ago. Bosch has a good reputation and I suspect they are comparable. I subsequently bought a third battery so that one battery sits on the charger all the time (Dewalt said it was OK to do that) and is ready for which ever tool runs out of juice. It's a wonderful setup and I highly recommend it.