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RE: Back to making a few boxes, again - bandit571 - 12-03-2021

Ok...battery charged back up...Doctor visit done, Stopped at Menard's on the way back home...things for the Boss, hardware for me....including a few cheap brushes, and..
2 packages of Brass corners....to protect the bottom corners, and dress things up a bit...right now, it looks kind of plain..
Those pins that were laid out and sawn?
With the Bishop No. 10 saw...needed a knife wall cut..
Clamped inside face down, chopped about half way down..flip over and..
Different sizes of chisels for different sizes of chops..once the waste has left the building..
Grab a long side, mark which face will be "IN", stand the end board up on the side board, matching the "IN" marks.  Sharp pencil to trace around each pin..
Finish lay out for the tails.  Then over to the bandsaw next, as it does a better job than I do..
Knife the baselines.  Extra cuts to make the waste easier to remove. Bandsaw to just leave the lines, cutting on the waste side, as with the pin board, chop half way down from each face...then work for a dry fit...
1st corner done, rinse and repeat for corner #2..
About 90 minutes so far...pre-set 2 clamps..
And see how this will clamp up.  

Seems dovetails take a bit more time to do, than them Finger/Box joints on the first box.    Next time in the shop ( hiding out from Honey-dos?) need to do the other 2 corners, and start one rebates for the bottom panel, and the grooves to house the lid's Pine panel...might take a while?
Stay tuned...

RE: Back to making a few boxes, again - bandit571 - 12-04-2021

Over 3 hours in the shop, Friday....will update Saturday...but..

Corners #3 and #4 are done...
Rebates for the plywood bottom have been made...
Plywood panel has been fitted..
Pine Panel for the lid...
Has since been trimmed...

Marking gauge has been fixed and sharpened..
The  brass wear plate was not facing the right way ( on backwards)  this is how it should look...Stanley SW No. 65.
Brass corner plates have been added to Box No.1...
And  Box No.2 will also get these....rather than plug something like this..

Protects the bottom corners, and dresses things up a bit....

Stay tuned...

RE: Back to making a few boxes, again - bandit571 - 12-04-2021

Boring, anyone?   Will try for a 1pm start up in the shop....will advise....film at 2300 hours...Hopefully I'll be picking dried glue off of me fingers...

RE: Back to making a few boxes, again - Bill Holt - 12-05-2021

No boredom here.  I marvel at your efficiency.

RE: Back to making a few boxes, again - bandit571 - 12-05-2021

2.5 hours IN the shop, yesterday....the Pine panel needed to be flattened...
Made the first of many mess on the floor...
Figured I had better sweep this up, before going to the next task...taking the dry fit apart, and get set up for ploughing some grooves..
#12 cutter still in the Stanley 45 from Box #1...
Remember to double check the depth, as the 45 has a bad habit of leaving the first inch or two a bit higher...got 4 grooves done. Next..

Pine panel needs rebates cut, to fit into those grooves...set that up..end grain first..
Broke out the Ward's #78, as it's spur is set up....should have left the line, but..
And the rest of the "crew"...got the ends done, then a simpler rebate on the long grain sides...dry fit the entire mess...figure out where the cut to split off the lid, and marked that on the outside....Acid brush to moosh glue around, a few cauls and a Forest of Clamps..
And there goes the neighborhood....let this sit a day....them clamps will have to leave..sometime...

Had to sweep the floor, as things were getting messy, again....
Was getting a bit chippy

Just waiting on the glue, stay tuned

RE: Back to making a few boxes, again - bandit571 - 12-07-2021

Monday, clamps came off..
Done to the last 4 of the 16 clamps...then sand things flat and..
Wanted the sides square..dovetails sanded flush, too...then planed the bottom flat..
Then flipped the box over, and flattened the top..had a high spot right down the center
Always checking ...
For a high spot.  Why? Because the next step..
is to slice off the lid.  Did not want anything to make the box lean, or pull away from the fence.
After the cuts...needed a little fine tuning..
Top left corner..the Zero Clearance Overlay had flexed just enough.   Planes were still out, planed the parts until they matched up...
Not too hateful,  those square holes in the corners of the lid?
Let the glue sit a bit, trim these flush, then do the other two...a little sanding to blend them in.

Shop time Tuesday ( maybe) will be about hardware install and inserts to hold the plane securely....and a place to store all of it's parts....depth stop, fence, bolts..

Stay tuned...

RE: Back to making a few boxes, again - Philip1231 - 12-07-2021

Holy Moly: great work and very nicely chronicled!

RE: Back to making a few boxes, again - bandit571 - 12-08-2021

OK, time to re-attach the lid to the box?  Not quite...wanted to work on the insides a bit...wanted a pine insert..
To help secure the plane into the box...and have a place to keep the "extras"...insert also needed a hole drilled, for the fence's bolt to sit in..set up a cordless drill with a 9/16" drill bit..
You were expecting a battery model?  
drill from one side, until the snail just barely pokes through...turn the board around, and finish the hole...no blow-outs allowed here..
And, you can see what sort of cuts were made, by tracing around the plane's body...had a shallow trench to chisel out, next..
To keep the fence's rod from sliding around in the box....depth stop and it's bolt get a different system...
A screw and a washer for the depth stop, intend to rotate it around to lock the fence against the inside of the case...bolt will get a counter-bored hole, then driven into the hole with a screwdriver.  Thought about adding a screwdriver spot...maybe later?

C clamps and glue to attach the insert to the plywood floor...
Let this sit a bit...while I work on some hinges..
Had to offset this hinge a bit...well, because....

Glue had sat long enough, time to join the lid to the box...
BTW, that is my pilot hole drill....then close the lid, hammer adjust a wee  bit, still needed to level the front..we have ways...
Leveled and smooth..add the latch...and see how things look..
Just like on Box No. 1,  I added those brass corners...

Will see IF things need any more sanding...and maybe mix up a batch of Witch's Brew Stain? 

Stay tuned...getting close to PIP Time...

RE: Back to making a few boxes, again - bandit571 - 12-09-2021

The Boxes...a PIP...
Opened up, to air out a bit...
Awaiting varnish and a label....which I still have to print out...

RE: Back to making a few boxes, again - bandit571 - 12-11-2021

Labels, a work-in-progress....starting point..
old picture, from the 1940s era these planes were sold in, before the 1948 body changes Sargent made...so..
I'm still working on these....trying to decide between these 2 labels...and, whether to colour them up a bit....as in black becomes either a red or blue ....?

Stain has dried well enough, that the first coat of clear gloss poly can be brushed on.  

Stay tuned