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Small hand plane - RBohn - 11-25-2021

Just dropped my Stanley #2 plane and the sole cracked at the mouth. No problem, I thought. Actually a big problem for me. Vintage #2 planes have skyrocketed sine I paid $80 for mine a few decades ago. Does anyone one currently make a #2? I can't find one.

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RE: Small hand plane - Scott W - 11-25-2021

Doesn't woodriver make one?

RE: Small hand plane - ChuckHill - 11-26-2021

I am sorry for your loss.  I've looked recently for a modern #2 size.  While a couple manufacturers make them, none have stock nor an estimate on when they might have stock.  I bought a Vintage Stanley for $250.

RE: Small hand plane - Mike Brady - 11-26-2021

Did Lie-Nielsen make one? You might be able to pry one out of someone’s hands.

RE: Small hand plane - AHill - 11-26-2021

Lie-Nielsen used to make No. 1 and No. 2 bench planes, but not anymore. I have one of their No. 2's. It's a nice plane. Mine is manganese bronze. I don't think they ever made a cast iron one. WoodRiver (Woodcraft's Chinese brand) makes a No. 1 but not a No. 2. I also checked Kunz and Clifton. No number 2's. I think your best bet is to check eBay or post a WTB in S&S.

RE: Small hand plane - Bruce Haugen - 11-26-2021

Patrick Leach sells a new 601 Bedrock

RE: Small hand plane - ChuckHill - 11-26-2021

You can try https://www.facebook.com/groups/CanIHaveItToolAuctions that is where I got mine.  Prices are generally better than eBay and the members more, uh, reliable.

RE: Small hand plane - Bill_Houghton - 11-26-2021

Find the right welder (of which there are darned few), and that's repairable.  One part of the trick is to clamp the sole to a true flat surface both sides of the crack.  It won't be pretty, but it's not pretty now.

RE: Small hand plane - bandit571 - 11-26-2021

Bob Kuane?  Maybe see IF he has a #2 base casting?

RE: Small hand plane - OneStaple - 11-26-2021

RBohn, shoot me a PM (doesn't look like you have PMs turned on). I have a Stanley #2 that I'm willing to part with, if you're interested.